Repligen’s Recombinant Transferrin (rTransferrin) provides process development and cell culture scientists with a robust, animal-free, and regulatory-compliant iron delivery solution. The natural mechanism for iron transport, rTransferrin eliminates performance issues commonly experienced with iron salts and chelators.

rTransferrin is a recombinant analog of human holo-transferrin expressed in a proprietary S. cerevisiae system under animal-free conditions. cGMP manufacturing standards ensure exceptional product purity and consistency, providing users dependable iron delivery while minimizing variability.

Optimal Iron SupplementationEasy to UseSupportApplications

Key benefits - rTransferrin

  • Increases cell viability and protein production
  • Outperforms plasma-derived transferrin and iron salts across multiple cell lines
  • Regulatory-compliant, animal-free
  • Manufactured exclusively for cell culture
  • cGMP for consistent quality

Optimal animal-free iron supplementation
Transferrin is the physiologically appropriate method for supplementing iron in cell culture, transporting iron across the cell membrane as well as stabilizing iron in media. In recent years, due to the animal-sourced nature of transferrin, the cell culture industry has turned to inorganic iron salts and chelators to improve the regulatory compliance of its processes. Although these inorganic compounds do act as iron sources, they require problematic optimization and can result in the formation of free iron radicals that cause cell toxicity as well as impact end-product quality. Repligen's rTransferrin provides all the benefits of optimized iron transport while enabling you to maintain an animal-free, defined, and regulatory-compliant process.

Flexible liquid format
Repligen's rTransferrin is formulated as a convenient liquid product, making it easy to use at any scale. Simply open and dilute into cell culture media; no thawing, reconstitution, or buffer preparation necessary.

Quality and regulatory support
Repligen's rTransferrin is used in approved cell-based manufacturing processes and in clinical processes at all stages of the development pathway. Dedicated quality, regulatory, and technical support is available for rTransferrin to assist customers at all stages of development through regulatory filing and commercial approval.

Application areas:

  • Stem, therapeutic, and near-to-patient cell culture
    • Increase regulatory-compliance, improve end-product safety, and accelerate time to clinic.
  • Therapeutic cell culture, expansion media
    • Build a robust and consistent media formulation that is scalable and regulatory-compliant.
  • Therapeutic cell culture, differentiation media
    • Take control of your differentiation process by replacing inconsistent animal-derived components.
  • Cell banking and cryopreservation media
    • Protect your master and working cell banks no matter how the regulatory landscape changes.
  • Single-cell cloning and low-cell-density applications
    • Provide the right protective environment to maximize cell growth and accelerate clone development.
  • Cell-based vaccine production
    • Move to animal-free production, improving performance, regulatory acceptance, and safety.
  • Media optimization for industrial cell culture
    • Maximize productivity and process robustness while maintaining a defined, animal-free platform.