Recombinant Protein A Affinity Resins


Repligen offers two lines of Protein A affinity resins, our legacy Immobilized Protein A (IPA) resins and our more recently launched CaptivA resin. All Protein A resins are designed to significantly reduce the cost of the Protein A capture step without sacrificing the industry's demands for quality, safety, and supply expectations.

  • Reliable performance: high dynamic binding capacity, and low protein A leaching
  • Reduction in protein A resin cost
  • Manufacturing process that meets ISO9001:2008 quality system standards
  • Supply chain security and business continuity planning
  • Products supported by Regulatory Support Files (RSF)Reliable performance, capacity, flow rates and low leaching

CaptivA PriMab Affinity Resin


By combining new Protein A ligands developed by Repligen with tried, tested and accepted base beads and immobilized chemistries, we are able to rapidly respond to the industry's demand for reducing the cost of the protein A capture step. Whether you desire reduced Protein A purification costs, prepacked disposable OPUS Protein A columns, or ELISA kits for the detection of leached protein A, Repligen has the technology platforms to enable success in downstream processing.

Product Overview

Today’s monoclonal antibodies will be manufactured less frequently and in smaller multiproduct facilities as a direct result of improvements in titer, potency, and smaller targeted patient populations. In this scenario, traditional high cost per liter Protein A resins designed for greater than 200 process cycles become less economically viable. CaptivA PriMab reduces the direct cost of a Protein A capture step while retaining the desired performance characteristics.

Whether for process development, clinical, commercial manufacturing, or single use applications, CaptivA PriMab is the most cost effective Protein A affinity chromatography media.

Immobilized Protein A (IPA) Resins

Repligen, the world's leading supplier of Protein A ligand, offers legacy IPA products which combine various forms of the original recombinant Protein A ligand developed over two decades ago. Already incorporated in commercial manufacturing processes, these legacy protein A resins are well characterized and accepted in the industry, especially for therapeutics with sensitivity to leached Protein A contamination.

IPA300/S is our legacy affinity media used in commercial manufacturing processes for therapeutic antibodies. This resin can also be used for bench scale experiments and immunoprecipitation (IP) methods. IPA300S incorporates a cross linked agarose bead, and Repligen's srPA50 ligand which uses an animal free soybased fermentation process. IPA300 incorporates the same cross linked agarose bead and Repligen's rPA50 ligand, which does not use an animal free fermentation process.

IPA400HC offers a higher performing protein A resin with double the binding capacity and linear flow rate of IPA300. This resin can be used for bench to commercial scale production of therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies. IPA400HC incorporates our animal-free recombinant Protein A ligand, srPA50 with a highly cross linked agarose bead.

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CaptivA PriMAB

CaptivA PriMAB


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