Protein A ELISA Kits


Protein A ELISA Kit Highlights

A large percentage of the world's commercial supply of antibody relies on a Repligen manufactured protein A ligand for purification and Repligen’s ELISA kit for product release.

  • 2 kits for the most accurate detection and quantitation of leached
    protein A
    • Recombinant Protein A Kit
    • MabSelect SuRe Kit
  • Superior inter and intra kit consistency for unparalleled reproducibility
  • Polyclonal chicken capture antibody for greater Protein A specificity
  • Biotinylated rabbit anti-Protein A detection antibody for greater sensitivity
  • Matched standards for the greatest quantitation accuracy
  • Three sample prep protocols for superior method optimization

For All Protein A Affinity Resins

The Recombinant Protein A ELISA Kit delivers the most reproducible ELISA platform for detection and quantitation of leached recombinant and native Protein A. As the world's leading supplier of Protein A, a large percentage of the world's commercial supply of antibody relies on a Repligen manufactured Protein A ligand for purification.

Repligen is the only Protein A manufacturer who provides an ELISA kit to accurately and reproducibly detect leached Protein A.

Exclusively For Detection Of the MabSelect SuRe Ligand

The Protein A construct in the MabSelect SuRe affinity resins is the least similar to other commercially available Protein A ligands. Using traditional Protein A ELISA kits the SuRe ligand is not accurately quantitated.

For downstream processes which utilize the base stable affinity resin MabSelect SuRe, Repligen offers the only kit on the market which includes the SuRe ligand standard for the most accurate, precise, and sensitive measurements.

MabSelect SuRe is a registered trademark of GE Healthcare

About Repligen

Repligen is the world’s leading manufacturer of recombinant and native protein A.


  • Founded in 1981
  • IPO in 1987 (ticker symbol equals “RGEN”)
  • Cloned Protein A gene in 1982, began commercial manufacturing in 1985
  • ISO 9001 certified 2008

Validated Supplier to the Bioprocessing Industry

  • Reliability: Most of the world’s commercial monoclonal antibodies are purified on recombinant or native protein A manufactured by Repligen
  • Expertise: One of the world’s largest commercial protein manufacturers with over 20 years of experience
  • Capability: Manufacturing locations in the U.S. and Europe
  • Quality: Relevant and applicable standards including ISO 9001:2008 Certified