Repligen Selects Purolite Life Sciences as Commercial Partner for New High Performance Ligand

Repligen Corporation announced it has entered into an agreement with Purolite Life Sciences to supply its next-generation Protein A ligand, NGL-Impact™ A, which will be commercialized by Purolite Life Sciences using their novel Praesto® agarose jetting base bead technology. 

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Meet OPUS® 80R, the latest innovation from the Leader of the Pack. 

The largest pre-packed chromatography column in the industry today, with 80 cm internal diameter and 150L packed bed height, OPUS® 80R can purify more than 10 kilograms of protein in a single cycle.

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Scale with OPUS®: Introducing OPUS® 80R

Monitor and evaluate conductivity, UV and temperature for automated process controls.

KONDUiT is an add-on module ready to use with Spectrum® KR2i and KMPi TFF Systems and Pro-Connex™ Flow Paths, with the ability to scale from 1mL to 1000L process volumes.

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Walkaway TFF automation with KONDUiT


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Repligen has compiled a second edition of trends and best practices authored by forward-thinking industry leaders.


Continuous Bioprocessing: A Repligen E-book

With offices and facilities in multiple locations, we are always looking for smart, driven, and enthusiastic individuals to join our growing team.

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Join the Repligen team

Say goodbye to autoclaving and hello to single-use convenience. Achieve 100% cell retention and lab-to-production scalability without the need for autoclave sterilization.

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XCell™ ATF 10 Single-use is here


OPUS® Columns for process development are used for screening, process validation including viral clearance, scale-up and sample preparation.
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OPUS® Columns for Process Development


Repligen Announces Agreement with Navigo Proteins 

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