New bioprocessing applications enable manufacturing facilities built on the principle of flexibility, and focused on process and cost economics.


ATF System

Think continuous, think small.
Continuous bioprocessing allows the constant and uninterrupted processing of materials in parallel production lines.

continuous processing

ATF System

Bioprocess intensification involves minimizing, concentrating, and simplifying methods and equipment to enable smaller, more efficient and higher quality bioprocessing.

process intensification


ATF System

Perfusion, or upstream continuous processing, has been used since the 1980s. High cell density perfusion, or ATF perfusion, delivers higher cell concentration and cell viability.


ATF System

N-1 perfusion refers to the use of an ATF device to achieve high cell density in the seed train step before the production bioreactor (N),  achieving a more rapid and robust process while maintaining an existing Fed-batch based production scheme. 

N-1 perfusion

High density (HD) cell banking is seed train optimization involving larger volume frozen seed banks, eliminating seed steps from vial and enabling banking of larger volumes up to 1 liter.

high density cell banking

Cell culture growth factors play a critical role in media optimization, contributing to long-term growth and rapid proliferation of cell lines in serum-free media formulations.

Media Optimization -  growth factors


Use of pre-packed columns in downstream chromatography has increased in response to the needs of multi-product facilities and initiatives focused on reducing change-over time. 

pre-packed columns

A continuous capture process is the next big challenge for modern bioproduction.  Multi-column chromatography operates in continuous mode, balancing downstream productivity with upstream titers.

Multi-column chromatography

concentration and diafiltration

Tangential flow filtration (TFF) is commonly used for concentration and diafiltration operations in a purification process. Concentration is the unit operation where the feed volume is reduced and the species retained by the membrane increases in relative concentration. Diafiltration is the convective elimination of permeable solutes passing to the permeate and the addition of fresh solvent to the retentate.

Concentration and Diafiltration

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