Pre-packed chromatography columns

Use of pre-packed technology in downstream chromatography has increased in recent years in response to acute bottleneck problems in downstream processing. Replacing traditional self-packed glass or stainless steel columns, pre-packed columns are expert-packed, ready to use, fully validated and documented, and can typically be used multiple times.


Multi-column chromatography

A continuous capture process is the next big challenge for modern bioproduction.  Multi-column chromatography operates in continuous mode, balancing downstream productivity with upstream titers.


Concentration and Diafiltration 

concentration and diafiltration

Tangential flow filtration (TFF) is commonly used for concentration and diafiltration operations in a purification process. Concentration is the unit operation where the feed volume is reduced and the species retained by the membrane increases in relative concentration. Diafiltration is the convective elimination of permeable solutes passing to the permeate and the addition of fresh solvent to the retentate.

Concentration and Diafiltration

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