Use of pre-packed columns in downstream chromatography has increased in response to the needs of multi-product facilities and initiatives focused on reducing change-over time.   In particular, adopters of pre-packed columns have realized the following benefits:

  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Rapid change over (no column packing, unpacking, or cleaning validation)
  • Operational flexibility for multi-product facilities
  • Reduced capital expense
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Eliminate column packing issues

Replacing traditional self-packed glass or stainless steel columns, pre-packed columns are packed by experts in state of the art facilities and are delivered ready to use for GMP processing. 

The ability of pre-packed column suppliers to focus their operations on column packing results in more consistently packed columns over time.  This allows a bioprocessing facility to outsource column packing, a non-value added step for making therapeutic proteins, and no longer worry about column packing issues.   This transfer of operational risk helps adopters of pre-packed columns to maintain leaner operations and focus on the most critical aspects of making and purifying therapeutic proteins. 

As the industry evolves to incorporate continuous processing, pre-packed columns are a perfect fit for multi-column chromatography.  Banks of multiple pre-packed columns can be delivered ready to run eliminating the need for multiple self-packed columns.  In addition, the potential for pre-packed columns to be gamma sterilized provides a compelling value proposition for companies looking to implement multi-column chromatography.  


OPUS Pre-packed Columns

OPUS® Pre-packed Chromatography Columns offer unparalleled flexibility in media choice, application and size. Applying the most advanced pre-packed chromatography column technology available today, OPUS® columns are ready-to-use alternatives to traditional self-packed columns. Manufactured following ISO 9001 quality manufacturing guidelines, each column comes with complete documentation for GMP use.

The OPUS® 45R and 60R columns feature an innovative unpacking port that allows for resin unpacking without loss in chromatographic performance. They are also the first pre-packed columns designed to meet the chromatography requirements of larger 1000L and 2000L disposable bioreactors

OPUS® PD Columns for process development are used for resin screening, chromatography process development, process validation including viral clearance, scale-up, and sample preparation.

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OPUS® columns deliver the required flexibility for multi-use applications in downstream processing for monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, or vaccines.  


The results from a 10-cycle purification of a recombinant protein from E. coli show no substantial difference in run-run consistency and chromatographic performance is maintained over the course of many cycles. 


Over 19% cost savings and up to 50% labor savings (~92 FTE hours) were achieved when using the OPUS® 60 column compared to traditional self-packed columns. 


Glass column amortized over 20 campaigns, OPUS® column over 3 campaigns; 3 batches/campaign; 2 cycles/batch; no column repacks.


Substantial savings are realized because OPUS® columns offer the benefits that come with pre-packed disposable technology:

  • No upfront capital expense
  • Reduction of CIP and cross contamination
  • Faster campaign turnaround time
  • Operational excellence (reduce labor requirements)

Data presented are estimates and subject to change.

Use the OPUS® Calculator to find out how much you can save when using OPUS® columns in your specific application.  


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