Explosive growth in biologics is driving increased investments in manufacturing facilities that incorporate transformative technologies and continuous processing, with a focus on flexibility.


XCell™ ATF Cell Retention System

Perfusion, or upstream continuous processing, has been used since the 1980s. High cell density perfusion, or XCell™ ATF perfusion, delivers higher cell concentration and cell viability.


XCell™ ATF System

N-1 perfusion refers to the use of an XCell™ ATF device to achieve high cell density in the seed train step before the production bioreactor (N), achieving a more rapid and robust process while maintaining an existing Fed-batch based production scheme. 

N-1 perfusion


High density (HD) cell banking is seed train optimization involving larger volume frozen seed banks, eliminating seed steps from vial and enabling banking of larger volumes up to 1 liter.

high density cell banking

Cell culture growth factors play a critical role in media optimization, contributing to long-term growth and rapid proliferation of cell lines in serum-free media formulations.

Media Optimization - growth factors

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