Scale up with OPUS®.

Introducing OPUS® 80R.
The first and only pre-packed column enabling the purification of over 10 kilos of protein in a single cycle.

Introducing OPUS® 80R, the latest innovation from the Leader of the Pack.

In response to your need to scale up chromatography processes, Repligen now offers the largest pre-packed column for the bioprocess industry. The first and only 80 cm diameter pre-packed column, OPUS® 80R can be configured with bed heights from 10-30 cm and is capable of purifying over 10 kilos of protein in a single cycle

With thousands of columns in use globally, OPUS® Columns are setting the standard in pre-packed convenience. Choose reliable performance, unparalleled flexibility and breakthrough technology.

Any size
0.5-80cm ID 

Packed with over
100 resins

6-8 week
delivery time

column packing

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