Continuous Bioprocessing:
A Repligen E-book

As your partner in advancing continuous bioprocessing, Repligen has compiled a second edition of trends and best practices authored by forward-thinking industry leaders.

Integrated upstream and downstream continuous bioprocesses have the potential to revolutionize bioprocessing, leading to significant improvements in cost and process efficiencies.


Continuous Bioprocessing: Industry Best Practices
February 2018
E-book: Volume 2

  1. Introduction to Continuous Bioprocessing: Current Status and Trends
  2. How to Develop a Perfusion Process
  3. Strategies for Development of Perfusion Media
  4. Perfusion Application in Mobius® Single-Use Bioreactors
  5. XCell™ Perfusion Technology Delivers High Throughput: Efficent Seed Train Process with Improved Fed-Batch Production Output
  6. Product Quality Considerations of Perfusion Processes
  7. Impurity Monitoring as Novel PAT Tool for Continuous Biopharmaceutical Processes
  8. Insect cells and ATF
  9. Scale up and Technology Transfer in a Continuous Processing Environment
  10. Continuous Multicolumn Chromatography Processes
  11. Impact of Single-use Technology on Continuous Bioprocessing
  12. Continuous Bioprocessing's Impact on Facility Design

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