For a limited time, join a select sampling group and try LONG®R3 IGF-I, the preferred cell growth supplement that is 200 times more potent than insulin and delivers gram/L results from microgram/L concentrations.

LONG®R3 IGF-I also promotes growth and viability in stem cell and cell therapy applications.

igf-i.pngSamples are also available from SAFC, the exclusive distributor of LONG®R3 IGF-I. 

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LONG®R3 IGF-I has been shown to improve volumetric productivity in CHO cell culture


igf-i_graph.png+62% vs. no growth factors

+40% vs. insulin

LONG©R3 IGF-I is...

200X more potent

2X more stable

... than insulin

Samples are limited, some restrictions apply.

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