Leader OPUS_all.pngof the Pack from bench-scale to production-scale.
OPUS® Columns (5cm - 80cm) delivery time: 6-8 weeks

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Introducing OPUS® 80R, the latest innovation from the Leader of the Pack.

In response to your need to scale up chromatography processes, Repligen now offers the largest pre-packed column for the bioprocess industry. The first and only 80 cm diameter pre-packed column, OPUS® 80R can be configured with bed heights from 10-30 cm and is capable of purifying over 10 kilos of protein in a single cycle.

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Partial List of Resins Packed: OPUS® 5 – 80R



Praesto AP
MabSelectSuRe and SuRe™ LX
MabCapture™ A
Eshmuno® A
Amsphere A3
KanCap A
POROS®CaptureSelect AAV9
AVB Sepharose® HP

IEX / Mixed Mode Resin

Capto™ Impres, SP and Q
Capto™ Impres®, Adhere, MMC
Capto™ Q, S, DEAE, Phenyl
Capto™ Adhere, MMC
SP Sepharose® FF and HP
Q Sepharose® FF and HP
Phenyl Sepharose® FF, HP
DEAE Sepharose® FF
Butyl Sepharose® FF and HP

IEX / Mixed resin Mode

Purolite SP 45, Q65, Q90
Fractogel® TMAE, SO3-, COO, DEAE
Fractogel® TMAE, SE HiCap
Eshmuno® CPX, HCX
Toyopearl® 650M, Butyl, Phenyl, DEAE, 
     Super Q
Toyopearl® 600M, Butyl, Phenyl, PPG
Nuvia™ S, cPrime, HRS
UNOsphere S, Q
YMC BioProSmartSep


Select from over 300 resins to pack into OPUS® PD Columns for Process Development

See resin list for OPUS® PD Columns

Eshmuno® and Fractogel® are registered trademarks of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
POROS™ and MabCapture® are trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific.
Nuvia™ S is a trademark of BioRad Laboratories, Inc.
Sepharose®, MabSelect SuRe™, MabSelect™, and Capto™ are registered trademarks of GEHC.
Toyopearl® is a registered trademark of Tosoh Bioscience.


Breakthrough technology from
the Leader of the Pack in pre-packed columns

With an innovative side port that allows for easy resin unpacking, OPUS® 45R, OPUS® 60R, and OPUS® 80R Columns provide the ultimate flexibility in pre-packed column technology.

Without compromising  chromatographic performance or cleanability, the new feature helps mitigate the risk of implementing pre-packed columns in cGMP settings, and allows for re-use of the unpacked resin in other columns.

  • Innovative side port enables column unpacking after use
  • Performance and cleanability of the packed bed is maintained
  • Simple procedure allows for complete recovery of resin in <= 5 column volumes

Learn more about OPUS® 45R, 60R, and 80R Columns

OPUS Pre-packed Column

OPUS® columns are the result of expert engineering combined with deep industry knowledge and experience in downstream chromatography.

  • Unique design features
  • Reliable multi-cycle performance
  • Robust GMP-compliant construction
  • Easy cleaning and sanitization
  • Scalable performance consistent across different sizes
  • Performance maintained after shipping


OPUS 45-80 cm pre-packed columns

OPUS® 45 cm,  60 cm and 80 cm ID columns are the first pre-packed columns designed to meet the chromatography requirements of larger 1000L and 2000L single-use bioreactors.

  • Easily configured for bed height, resin, and application
  • Seamless scale-up from smaller ID columns
  • Complete documentation package for GMP use
  • Significant time and cost savings compared to conventional column technology

Production-scale OPUS® Columns

OPUS column packing

OPUS® columns are designed for use in GMP environments for the manufacturing  of clinical and commercial biologic drugs.

  • Packed in ISO Class 7 clean rooms
  • Complete Regulatory Support File
  • Certificate of Analysis for each column configuration


OPUS® Pre-packed Columns for process development, formerly Atoll pre-packed columns, are designed for use in every step during downstream process development, including screening, process validation including viral clearance, scale-up and sample preparation.

  • OPUS® RoboColumn for automated parallel chromatography
  • OPUS® MiniChrom for process development
  • OPUS® ValiChrom for process validation, including viral clearance
  • OPUS® 5 for scale-up
  • OPUS® CentriColumn for centrifuge sample preparation
  • OPUS® PipetColumn for manual sample preparation

OPUS® COLUMNS FOR process development

Over 19% cost savings and up to 50% labor savings (~92 FTE hours) were achieved when using the OPUS® 60 column compared to traditional self-packed columns. 


Glass column amortized over 20 campaigns, OPUS® column over 3 campaigns; 3 batches/campaign; 2 cycles/batch; no column repacks.


Substantial savings are realized because OPUS® columns offer the benefits that come with pre-packed technology:

  • No upfront capital expense
  • Reduction of CIP and cross contamination
  • Faster campaign turnaround time
  • Operational excellence (reduce labor requirements)

Data presented are estimates and subject to change.

Use the OPUS® Calculator to find out how much you can save when using OPUS® columns in your specific application.  


From quote request to routine use in GMP processes, OPUS® columns go through rigorous quality control and validation.

OPUS® chromatography columns are available pre-packed with CaptivA® resin, combining the superior process economics of CaptivA® resin with ready-to-use convenience and flexible column size options.

OPUS CaptiovA column.jpg

LEARN MORE ABOUT CaptivA® Protein A Affinity Resin


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