CaptivA_all.jpgProtein A resin from the leading manufacturer of rProtein A ligands. 
Protein A affinity resins from Repligen help you optimize process economics while maintaining industry-standard performance.

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CaptivA® Protein A Affinity Resin

CaptivA Protein A Resin

The value choice in Protein A resins.

CaptivA® Protein A Affinity Resin is the first agarose-based resin that delivers excellent binding capacity, caustic stability and low leaching at a fraction of the cost of traditional resins.

captiva® protein a affinity resin

Immobilized Protein A (IPA) Affinity Resins

Immobilized Protein A (IPA) resins from Repligen are well-characterized and have been accepted in the industry for many years.

IPA Affinity resins

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