TangenX™ hardware are designed for use with TangenX™ filter cassettes and disc membranes for tangential flow filtration.

TangenX™ SIUS™ Cassette Clamps are composed of two stainless steel plates that are isolated from any contact with the process fluid. They are designed to be used with TangenX™ SIUS™ and SIUS™ PD Cassettes and filter plate inserts. 

TangenX™ SIUS™ PD
Horizontal Cassette Clamp

TSLDI-2BMC (Clamp)
TFPLS-SA08 (Filter Plate)

TangenX™ SIUS™
Horizontal Cassette Clamp

TSPDI-4BMC (Clamp)
TFP75-SE16 (Filter Plate)

TangenX™ SIUS™
Vertical Cassette Clamp

TSPDI-V2BC (Clamp)
TFP99-SP20 (Filter Plate)

Combining TangenX™ SIUS™ Cassettes with a single-use TangenX™ SIUS™ Filter Plate Insert creates a complete assembly for single-use tangential flow filtration (TFF).  

  • Pre-sanitized, single-use, and ready-to-use
  • Optimized for use with TangenX™ SIUS™ Cassette Clamps
  • Compatible with traditional holders and hardware

TangenX™ SIUS™ PD
Filter Plate Insert


  • 0.01 to 0.1 m2 x 5
  • 3/4” mini TC or luer lock

TangenX™ SIUS™
Filter Plate Insert


  • 0.5 to 5.0 m2 up to 49 LPM
  • 1” TC (4) ports

TangenX™ PRO stainless steel cassette holders are designed for optimal performance with TangenX™ PRO and PRO PD Reusable TFF Cassettes

  • Engineered for optimal performance
    • Feed and retentate ports match the geometry of TangenX™ cassettes
    • Better fluid dynamics allow for higher flow-rates and reduced hold-up volumes
    • Less-restrictive port design ensures safe processing with higher yields
  • Scalable - Identical fluid flow-path channels enable easy, direct scale-up/scale-down between TangenX™ PRO and PRO PD Cassettes
  • Stainless steel construction - Made from 316 L stainless steel to precise specifications, the holders feature a 20 RA finish on all wetted surfaces. The exterior is electropolished to 32 RA providing a highly polished mirror finish.
  • Compatible with acids, bases and a variety of other cleaning agents 
  • Easy clean-in-place capability - steam-sterilizable or autoclavable without cassettes
  • Sanitary - Ports compatible with tri-clover, quick-disconnect, sanitary fittings and pharmaceutical-grade gauges that allow connections to be made easily between the holder and supporting equipment. Sanitary fittings and gauge packages are available providing the capability to create a complete sanitary system.

TangenX™ PRO PD
Cassette Holders

TangenX™ PRO PD Horizontal Holder

TX003 (Pilot Holder)

  • Expands to accommodate from 0.01 to 0.5 m2 (1 to 5 ft2) of screen channel or suspended screen channel cassettes
  • Available with luer lock for reduced hold up volume or mini triclamp connections for sanitary applications

TangenX™ PRO PD Vertical Cassette Holder

 TX034 (HC-LHV Holder with stand
and 3-gauge Fitting Package)

  • Enhanced drainability

  • Reduced footprint and efficient use of limited laboratory space

TangenX™ PRO
Cassette Holders

TangenX™ PRO Horizontal Cassette Holder

TX032 (Horizontal Sanitary Holder Version 2)

  • Expands to accommodate from 0.46 to 6 m2 (5 to 50 ft2) of screen channel or suspended screen channel cassettes
  • Smaller footprint means lower capital and operational costs, and efficient use of limited production space

TangenX™ PRO Vertical Cassette Holder

TX005 (Vertical Sanitary Holder with Auto Torque)

  • Enhanced drainability
  • Available with hydraulic auto-torque closing option
    • Minimizes the difficulty and time associated with loading large area systems
    • Prevents cassette misalignment and potential leakage
    • Single-sided vertical design allows for easy cassette installation and change
    • Eliminates operator torque variability

Turnkey solution for 15 mL to 500 mL samples

For all-in-one processing convenience,  the TangenX™ Low Hold-up Volume (LHV) System is a fully integrated bench-scale TFF development system. Ideal for small volume (15 mL to 500 mL) process development applications,  the TangenX™ LHV System is the economical choice for researchers.

  • Increased product recovery
  • Reduced product waste
  • Minimized hold-up volume to 10 mL
  • Easy continuous diafiltration with a choice of reservoir sizes

The TangenX™ LHV System includes:

  • TangenX™ PRO PD Vertical Holder
  • Holder, pump, 100 mL and 500 mL reservoirs, and magnetic stirrer pre-assembled on a 304 L Stainless Steel support

The X-Flo76 Membrane Screening System utilizes 76 mm membrane discs to determine the most advantageous balance of selectivity and flux.

Traditional membrane screening is performed using stirred cells, which is not representative of the cross-flow or trans-membrane pressure (TMP) conditions in membrane cassette devices.

In the X-Flo76 System, a patented spiral flow path allows fluid to be directed across the surface of the membrane, creating cross-flow shear conditions that are more representative of true scale-up. Unlike traditional stirred cells, the X-Flo76 uses a pump as the filtration driving force for better TMP control and optimal scale-up  performance. Watch the video to see the XFlo-76 System in operation.

  • Efficient predictable membrane screening
  • Representative tangential flow characteristics
  • Convenient processing of 15-500 mL
  • Quick easy assembly (Area: 30 cm2)
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