XCell_ATF_SS_SU.pngSimplify and intensify upstream bioprocessing. The XCell™ ATF System, in single-use or stainless steel format, delivers high cell retention. 

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XCell™ ATF Single-use System

Simplify and intensify upstream bioprocessing with single-use convenience.

The XCell™ ATF Single-use System comes in multiple sizes from lab-scale to production-scale. Each system consists of a single-use device, a single-use hollow fiber filter cartridge, and a control system.

  • XCell™ ATF 2 Single-use System
  • XCell™ ATF 6 Single-use System
  • XCell™ ATF 10 Single-use System

 XCell™ ATF System - Single-use

XCell™ ATF Cell Retention System

The XCell™ ATF System in stainless steel comes in five different sizes for operation from lab-scale to production-scale. Each system consists of a diaphragm pump in a stainless steel housing, a single-use hollow fiber filter cartridge, and a control system.

  • XCell™ ATF 2 System
  • XCell™ ATF 4 System
  • XCell™ ATF 6 System
  • XCell™ ATF 8 System
  • XCell™ ATF 10 System

 XCell™ ATF System - Stainless Steel

The XCell™ ATF System is based on award-winning Alternating Tangential Flow (XCell™ ATF) technology, created by the action of a diaphragm moving upward and downward within a pump head, connected to a filter housing and attached to a bioreactor. Alternating tangential flow is attained by the action of a diaphragm pump.

XCell™ atf technology

ATF Cell Retention System
  • Continuous, provides clarified harvest ready for capture chromatography
  • Efficient, delivers 100% cell retention, increases productivity
  • Convenient single-use format reduces implementation time by up to 80%
  • Intensified, generates high cell concentration and viability
  • Flexible, connects to any bioreactor and can be used in a variety of applications
  • Gentle, reduces cell stress, increases cell viability and productivity
  • Easy to use, reduces setup time and user training
  • Scalable, adapts from development-scale to production-scale
  • Self-cleaning, reduces biofilm build up on the hollow fiber filter


Perfusion, or upstream continuous processing, has been used since the 1980s. High cell density perfusion, or ATF perfusion, delivers higher cell concentration and cell viability.

N-1 Perfusion

N-1 perfusion refers to the intensification of cell growth in the step prior to the production bioreactor (N). This process intensification is done using perfusion in the N-1 bioreactor for high cell density seeding of the production bioreactor (N), or removal of the N-1 bioreactor if the N-2 bioreactor can provide enough cells for the production bioreactor (N).

High Density (HD) Cell Banking

High density (HD) cell banking is a novel method for seed train optimization using perfusion to intensify cell density and reduce the number of early-stage expansion steps.

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