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High Productivity Harvest

High Productivity Harvest

John Bonham-Carter, Director of Upstream Sales, Repligen


High Productivity Harvest (HPH) is a novel application developed by Repligen that enables you to harvest a fed batch bioreactor in a fully sterile manner while eliminating both centrifugation and depth filtration. A 0.2µm filtered, closed system and single step process using the XCell™ ATF System, HPH can significantly increase yields above industry standards and generate a sterile clarified batch harvest ready for either batch or continuous chromatography. This webinar will demonstrate how HPH works, present initial results of up to a two-fold increase in protein production, and how you can apply HPH specific to your product need or facility design.

Speaker Bio

John Bonham Carter is the Director of Upstream Sales at Repligen. John has been a serial entrepreneur with experience in multiple countries in industries from newspapers to biotechnology. Within bioprocessing, he has worked with many different upstream technologies and, most recently, has propelled the XCell™ ATF System to become the industry leader in continuous culture equipment supply. John is a regular international speaker on bioprocessing, SME entrepreneurship and business coaching. He is the editor of two eBooks: “Continuous Bioprocessing: Current Practice and Future Potential” and “Continuous Bioprocessing: Industry Best Practices”. John holds a Chemistry Degree from the University of Bristol.