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Repligen Technical Seminar

Bioprocessing breakthroughs and

solutions that work

tuesday, September 3, 2019   |   Shanghai, China

Repligen technical seminars are unique opportunities to discuss with  key thought leaders and experts  the changing landscape of bioprocessing around the world. Industry case studies in process intensification, continuous processing and flexible facilities allow you to learn from adopters of transformative technologies, evaluate risk landscapes and set the standards for modern bioproduction.

In 2019, major technology breakthroughs will be introduced that signal market shifts in bioprocessing.

Locations include Shanghai, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, London and Geneva.

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Intercontinental Shanghai Pudong - New Asia Ballroom
No. 777 Zhangyang Road
Pudong New Area: Shanghai, SH, 200120, Mainland China


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More and more companies are looking for a CDMO partner to advance their molecule into Phase I clinical trials as quickly as possible. Patheon’s Quick to Clinic program can deliver released drug substance (IgG1 or IgG4) starting from DNA  in just 14 months. This is 6 months faster than most other standard timelines and includes a cell line documentation package, non-GMP drug substance for toxicology studies, released GMP drug substance for First-in-Human studies, viral clearance data and at least one month of stability data. Establishing platform raw materials and working closely with suppliers are key activities to enable the success of accelerated programs. Patheon can also work with customers to efficiently transfer an established process directly into a GMP manufacturing facility with minimal or no additional development. This flexible way of working can allow the customer to meet an unexpected increase in demand for the drug substance or to quickly access new global markets.

Speaker Bio

evan-shawHeadshot2019a.jpgAfter receiving a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Texas A & M University, Evan spent four years at Genentech in the Downstream Process Development department in San Francisco, California. Here he was responsible for developing and transferring large scale commercial manufacturing processes for monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins from mammalian and bacterial cell cultures.  Evan then relocated to Sydney, Australia and started at Cephalon (now Teva) where he led the downstream development and outsourcing of manufacturing processes for clinical programs. Three years later Evan joined Patheon Biologics (now part of ThermoFisher Scientific) as the construction phase of the new GMP manufacturing facility in Brisbane Australia was being completed. At the early stages of site start up, Evan was responsible for identifying, procuring and validating the equipment required to get the facility operational. He also established standard procedures for a broad range of manufacturing operations, particularly those using single use systems. Since the successful start up of the new GMP facility, Evan has focused on building the process engineering, validation and tech transfer group and developing the key processes needed to move projects around the Patheon Bioloigics global drug substance manufacturing network.


We are now using a new strategy to double the productivity of a typical CHO expressed antibody process using the same bioreactor and in the same cell culture period while producing a harvest fluid ready for downstream processing. We believe this concept is well aligned with the industry trends towards process intensification, process flexibility, working within a single-use format in a less qualified working environment. This technology could make a significant impact towards a lower cost of goods or help increase productivity.

Speaker Bio

Huan-xiong.jpgMr. Xiong is a Field Application Scientist in Repligen. He focuses on exploring the development and application of upstream process of Biopharmaceutical. He graduated in Huazhong Agriculture University and has 10+ years working experience in the Biopharma industry. He is proficient in cell culture technology in terms of large scale, high density, especially in perfusion, microcarrier as well. Mr. Xiong had served for WIBP and GE Healthcare. He has leaded multiple upstream projects in PD and GMP run.

Speaker Bio

Steven Xu is currently associate director of purification and lead of technology transfer at Transcenta Holding. As the CMC leader, he led and completed process development, process scale-up, technology transfer and GMP production of several projects in the past two years. Steven Xu has 13 years’ experience in process development and technology transfer in the biopharmaceutical companies, including Hangzhou Jiuyuan Gene, Genor Biopharm, Emergent Biosolutions (Canada). Steven Xu received his bachelor's degree in biochemistry from Zhejiang University. He holds a master's degree in biochemistry and molecular biology from Shanghai Institutes for biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


As a bioprocessing innovator with technology expertise in filtration, Repligen has developed a breakthrough clarification and harvest technology that can signal a paradigm shift in mAbs and Gene Therapy bioprocessing.  A result of continuous innovation at Repligen, the solution integrates advances in multiple disciplines, combining novel polymer technology, various filtration modes, hardware, systems and automated process management.  Potential benefits to productivity, product quality, yield and workflow efficiency will be discussed.

Speaker Bio

phil-yuen.pngPhil currently works as an Applications Scientist in the R&D department for Repligen. He has been with Repligen for 5 years, and is primarily focused on process filtration and separation. Phil is particularly well-versed in both up- and downstream applications and processes that utilize TFF hollow fiber systems and membranes from Repligen. More recently, Phil has been heavily involved with TFDF projects that include alpha and beta testing, membrane and filter development, and onsite customer trials. Phil holds B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Chemistry from the University of California, Irvine, and Davis, respectively.


SoloVPE, Variable Pathlength Extension, is an innovative instrument for UV-Vis spectroscopy. We refer to this powerful analysis technique as Slope Spectroscopy. With its flexible application of Beer-Lambert Law and innovative optical fiber technology, SoloVPE has revolutionized the traditional UV spectroscopy that has lasted for more than half a century, providing a faster, more convenient and accurate concentration analysis solution for customers in a wide range of analytical scientists, especially in the fields of biopharmaceutical industry.

Speaker Bio

tony-Xu.jpgTony Xu is Sales Manager in Shanghai Niche Technologies. He focuses on novel analytical technique and application in pharmaceutical industry. He has 10+ years’ sales experience in chromatography, molecular/atomic spectroscopy and mass spectrometer instruments for pharmaceutical analysis. Mr. Xu has served for Agilent Technologies, Thermo Fisher Scientific and GE Healthcare Life Science successively. He holds a master degree in Biochemical Engineering from East China University of Science and Technology. Shanghai Niche Technologies is the sole distributor of C Technologies Inc in China.


In response to customers challenged with bioburden-sensitive TFF processes, technology leading single-use TangenX™ TFF flat sheet cassettes are now available in closed and irradiated format.  Used in ultrafiltration and diafiltration, the new cassettes come pre-assembled and pre-tested, using the same proprietary membrane choices and multiple MWCOs as SIUS™ flat sheet cassettes.  This session will demonstrate how the new cassettes integrate easily into any process with faster turnaround time, improved productivity and lower risk of contamination.

Speaker Bio

Zhentao Sun.jpgMr. Sun is a Filed Application Scientist in Repligen’s downstream FAS group. He focusses on exploring new applications of TFF to meet multiple needs and new challenges for contemporary bioprocess. He has 10+ years’ experience working in process filtration, separation and purification for Pharmaceutical industry. Mr. Sun has served for Biotrand Inc, Pall Corporation and Spectrum Laboratories successively. He holds a doctor degree in Biomass Engineering from China Agriculture University and M.S. degree in Microbiology.



There is no charge for attendance but registration is required. Seats are limited to end-users of bioprocessing tools and technologies. Travel, accomodations, and incidental expenses are the responsibility of attendees. Lunch will be served.

Questions? Email [email protected]