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SpectraPor® Biotech Grade Regenerated Cellulose (RC) Dialysis Membrane

Molecular porous Biotech Grade Regenerated Cellulose (RC) membrane is produced for more challenging lab-scale dialysis applications that require high molecular selectivity as well as a membrane with higher purity and compatibility to harsh conditions.

Biotech Regenerated Cellulose (RC) Dialysis Tubing and Kits

SpectraPor® Biotech RC is a premium dialysis membrane that combines high purity with higher pH resistance, temperature tolerance and chemical compatibility for more demanding dialysis applications. Biotech RC membrane generally tolerates concentrated-weak or diluted-strong acids and bases, most alcohols, some organic solvents, pH 2-12 and temp 4-60 °C. Tolerance to specific organic solvents should be confirmed the Repligen Chemical Compatibility table.

Simply soak and rinse in DI water, apply Dialysis Tubing Closures and load sample.


  • High purity for critical and GMP dialysis - no heavy metals or sulfides
  • Better chemical compatibility and operating conditions tolerance
  • No interference with macromolecular activity and function
  • No azide preservative and no pretreatment required
  • Available in rolled tubing for economy and trial kits for evaluation

Typical Dialysis Applications for Biotech RC

  • Purification of Protein, DNA, plasmids, macromolecules, nanoparticles and liposomes
  • Removal of urea, surfactants and small MW impurities
  • Polymer synthesis and isolation (polypeptide, oligonucleotide, polysaccharide)
  • Enzyme activity and ligand binding studies
  • DNA and Protein electroelution
  • Organic solvent dialysis

Product Specifications

Properties: hydrophobic, symmetric porosity
9 MWCO's: 3.5-5 kD, 8-10 kD, 20 kD
2 Flat Widths: 10 mm, 16 mm
Quantity & Packaging:  Dry with glycerin, 5 m/roll

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