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Chromatography Systems

Single-use chromatography systems from Repligen solve the yield, shear, and separation challenges of traditional systems, through expert engineering and technological innovation of both hardware and flow path.

Improve yield, simplify operation

Multiple Repligen-exclusive hardware and flow path innovations deliver increased product yield and operational success. Expert engineering minimizes product loss, enabling batch changes under 30 minutes while increasing yield and productivity. Systems seamlessly scale from 1/4” - 1” internal diameter (ID) tubing. Connectivity supports all major column formats, including full compatibility with OPUS® Pre-packed Columns.


  1.  Multi-valve block arrays
  2. 4-chamber diaphragm pumps
  3. Non-product contact ultrasonic flow meters
  4. Single-use pressure sensors
  5. HMI, touch screen and glass keyboard
  6. Non-product contact liquid level switch
  7. Multi-sensor OPTEK® converter (UV, pH, conductivity)
  8. Column manifold
Optimal Process Yield

Reduce hold-up volume with synergistic flow path and hardware

OPUS® Compatible

Connect seamlessly with OPUS® Pre-packed Columns

operational Simplicity

Execute more runs with batch change overs under 30 min

Scale-up Chromatography

Systems scale from 1/4” to 1” flow path ID to support flow rates from 1 - 3000 LPH and OPUS® 8-80R Pre-packed Chromatography Columns. Consistent engineering and design across the platform facilitates scale-up development studies and technical transfer.​

  • Scale from 1/4" - 1" ID while maintaining system architecture and control platform​
  • Implement off-the-shelf systems for fast lead times
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1/4" System

1/2" System

System Flow Rate 1 - 180 L/H 6 - 1000 L/H
Column ID 8 - 25 cm 20 - 45 cm
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Innovative Design and engineering increase yield and mitigate deviations




Proprietary valve blocks Minimize dead legs and hold-up volume (< 2D)
Over-molded connections Reduce shear stress with constant bore ID, minimize leaks risk and process related impurities
Chromatography-specific valve manifolds Maximize process yield with < 50% fill volume for precision gradient control
Filter-based air trap Reduce hold-up volume with bubble trap alternative
Diaphragm pump Lower shear stress, increase maximum pressure, redeuced pulsation
Full OPUS® Pre-packed Column compatibility Accelerate implementation wtih plug-and-play columns: 10 cm - 80 cm internal diameters


Change batches faster and reduce leaks

with injection-molded flow paths


Pre-assembled chromatography flow paths integrate advanced fluid management technologies, including injection molding, over-molded connections, pump heads, tubing, filters and sensors in a strong, nearly leak-free, closed and single-use device. Designed for simplicity, flow paths install in less than 30 minutes and increase process efficiency.


  1. Inlet ports
  2. Pump head
  3. Over-molded connection
  4. Filter-based air trap
  5. Column valve manifold
  6. In-line sensors
  7. Outlet ports

Reduce hold up volume with synergistic valve 

and flow path technology

Valve Block Components

  1. Pneumatic actuators
  2. Manifold closure points
  3. Overmolded joints with sterile connectors
  4. Molded single-use flow path

Innovative valve blocks direct fluids through uniform ID, crevice-free flow paths, achieving extremely low turbulence. Multiple T injection-molded silicone inserts, combined with over-molded connections, minimize footprint and enable optimum closure point placement, significantly reducing dead leg.

Traditional hose-barbed manifold

  • Multiple ID variations promote turbulence
  • Hose-barb connections foster leaks
  • Large dead legs increase hold-up volume, turbulent flow
  • Manifold batch-to-batch dimensional differrences create process variations

Artesyn® molded manifold

  • Uniform, crevice free ID minimizes turbulence
  • Over-molded connections reduce leaks
  • Minimal dead leg improves drainability and reduces hold-up volume
  • injection-molded flow paths enable batch-to-batch dimensional and process consistency


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Input voltage 110 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz 1 Φ, 15A supply
Ingress protection IP45, pump head IP25
Compressed air 5 - 6 bar, oil and particle free
Enviornmental Conditions
Operating temperature 2 - 50º C, Relative humidity 10 - 90% (Non-condensing)
Fluid temperature 2 - 40º C
Maximum operating pressure 4 bar
Compliance UL and CE certified