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KRM™ Chromatography Systems

Repligen chromatography systems and expert consultancy can bring increased process recovery and operational efficiencies to even the most complex new modalities.

Step change innovation for process efficiency

increase recOvery

Reduce in-line turbulence and gradient dilution for improved resolution and recovery

maintain bioactivity

Valve blocks and injection molded tubing junctions help reduce mechanical stress to the product

reduce risk of deviations

Pre-assembled flow kits and simpler batch changes reduce human error and contamination events

Decades of component and system evolution

Increase recovery by protecting gradient integrity and peak resolution

Maintaining gradient control from the mixing valve to the column and  protecting peak resolution is critical to maximizing recovery, but can be challenging with traditional systems. Dilution, turbulence and dead-legs can all occur along the flowpath and disrupt  the process. Repligen has developed technologies specifically targeted to eliminate or minimize those challenges.

Protect gradient accuracy by minimizing dilution

Traditional bubble trap​

Up to 500ml of hold-up volume can uncontrollably disrupt gradient, causing back mixing and dilution, harming reproducibility and recovery.

Repligen filter and level sensor solution​

  • Use of a filter minimizes hold up volume helps maintain gradient control and promotes higher recovery​
  • A level sensor coupled with the filter enables the automation of  air release

Reduce gradient disruption by removing dead legs

Traditional valve solutions at tubing junctions​

  • Individual valves spaced far apart due to the use of hose-barbs create significant dead legs​
  • Dead legs can trap sample, cause cross-contamination and create turbulence that compromises both gradient integrity and peak resolution post-column

Valve block technology​

  • Valve blocks bring the pinch points right to the main line, shortening the flow path and eliminating dead legs​
  • With no dead-legs to disrupt flow dynamics, the gradient going into the column and peaks coming off can remain consistent and

Protect product integrity from shear damage​

Traditional technology

Traditional solutions utilize  hose barbs, zip ties and individual valves at tubing junctions causing excess shear stress to the product as inner diameter narrows and flow dips into significant dead legs.


Repligen Technology

The consistent ID of overmolded connections coupled with injection molded tubing and valve block hardware at critical junctions eliminate dead-legs, minimize shear stress and protect product integrity.

Simplify operations and reduce risk with a better user experience​

Repligen workflow

Repligen has simplified user experience and minimized risk during batch changes reducing equipment downtime and saving valuable resources. 


Flow path arrives in four gamma irradiated sub-assemblies.


  • Pre-calibrated sensors​
  • 3 connections aseptic/hosebarb​
  • Mistake-free installation


Ready to go

Flow path installation on a ¼ inch system

Traditional workflow

Batch change on traditional single-use chromatogrpahy systems can be resource intensive, require hours, tie up more than one person and necessitate many more manual interactions during installation increasing overall risk. 

Increase operational efficiencies with a complete solution​

Repligen has developed or acquired multiple chromatography technologies that in conjunction with our systems work to further increase operational efficiencies for your process and facility.


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1/4" ID

1/2" ID

3/4" ID

1" ID

Flow rate 1 - 180 L/h 6 - 900 L/h 25 - 2000 L/h 50 - 3600 L/h
Column size 8 - 25 cm ID 20 - 45 cm ID 45 - 80 cm ID 60 - 80 cm ID
Pump type 2 Quattroflow™ pumps

2 flow meters​
4 pressure sensors​
Pre-and post-column pH/Conductivity​
Dual wavelength 254/280 or 280/300 UV 

Software AB PLC and Wonderware
Multiple flow paths One built for purpose flowpath on each system for optimal process efficiency