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ProConnex® TFDF™ Flow Paths

Closed, single-use and complete flow paths optimize TFDF™ (Tangential Flow Depth Filtration) processing with integrated sensors and ready-to-use convenience.


The single-use, Gamma-irradiated and closed ProConnex®  TFDF™ Flow Path enables seamless tangential flow depth filtration on a KrosFlo® TFDF™ System. ProConnex® TFDF™ Flow Paths arrive dry, free of sodium hydroxide, glycerin, preservative and ethanol, for a zero flush start state. The feed stream enters the bottom port. The retentate travels through the lumen and exits at the top of the tube. The permeate exits the enclosure through the lower permeate port.

ProConnex® TFDF™ Flow Paths are complete assemblies that include:

  • TFDF™ Filter
  • Disposable pump head
  • Integrated sensors
  • Tubing
  • Aseptic connectors


TFDF™ 3 Filter
Surface Area: 3 cm2

ProConnex® TFDF™
Flow Path

Surface Area: 3 cm2

ProConnex® TFDF™ 
Flow Path

Surface Area: 150 cm2

ProConnex® TFDF™ 
Flow Path

Surface Area: 1500 cm2

ProConnex® TFDF™ 
Flow Path

Surface Area: 6000 cm2

Optimized for TFDF

Closed, Gamma-irradiated, complete with integrated sensors


Ready-to-use convenience


For use with KrosFlo® TFDF™ Systems

Repligen develops and manufactures products for the biopharmaceutical industry under an ISO 9001 quality management system.  We focus on the timely delivery of high quality, consistent and robust products, to ensure business continuity for our customers.

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To ensure linear scalability from 1 to 2000 L, the tube length and the number of tubes per enclosure increases. Tube length increases from 20 cm to 108 cm. The effective length of the filter may be less than the physical length of the filter. The number of tubes increases from 1 - 40 per enclosure.

Number of tubes

1 tube
Surface area: 3 cm2
Recommended Volume: <1 L

1 tube
Surface area: 150 cm2
Recommended Volume: <50 L

10 tubes
Surface area: 1500 cm2
Recommended Volume: <500 L

40 tubes
Surface area: 6000 cm2
Recommended Volume: <2000 L

Length of tubes

Physical length: 20 cm
Effective length: 2 cm
Surface area: 3 cm2

Physical length: 108 cm
Effective length: 108 cm
Surface area: 150 cm2