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XCell ATF® | Single-use

Simplify and intensify upstream bioprocessing with single-use convenience. The XCell ATF®  Single-use System delivers 100% cell retention and lab-to-production scalability without autoclave and lengthy setup steps.

 XCell ATF® | single-use

The XCell ATF® Single-use System delivers the same superior performance as corresponding stainless steel XCell ATF® Systems, but with significantly reduced implementation time. Eliminated are the need for autoclave cycle development, autoclave cycle validation and pre-autoclave workflow.  The system is designed to work with the single-use workflows that are increasingly adopted in bioprocessing to realize flexibility, convenience and cost/resource savings.

The XCell ATF® Single-use System comes in multiple sizes from lab-scale to production-scale. Each system consists of a single-use device, a single-use hollow fiber filter cartridge, and a control system.

  • Supplied with 0.2 µm Polyethersulfone or 0.2 µm Polysulfone hollow fiber filters
  • Same pump and diaphragm configurations as stainless steel XCell ATF® Systems
  • Lightweight and stable

XCell ATF® 2

XCell ATF® 6

XCell ATF® 10

100% cell retention

High productivity, cell concentration and viability

80% faster implementation

Easy set-up, no autoclave


From process development-scale to production-scale

Connects to any bioreactor


Supplied gamma double-bagged and sterilized; fitted with convenient disposable aseptic connectors



Field Applications and Service Specialists provide worldwide support

Repligen develops and manufactures products for the biopharmaceutical industry under an ISO 9001 quality management system.  We focus on the timely delivery of high quality, consistent and robust products, to ensure business continuity for our customers.

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cell growth, viability and productivity

The XCell ATF® Single-use devices exhibit similar cell growth, viability and cell-specific productivity compared to the same-size stainless steel XCell ATF® Systems.

Filter wetting procedure

XCell ATF® single-use devices are supplied dry. To ensure robust filter performance, it is important to wet the filter prior to use.  The XCell ATF® Tubing Set and the suggested wetting protocols are designed to:

  • Ensure efficient and complete filter wetting by minimizing the formation of air pockets during the wetting process
  • Enable pre-use filter integrity testing while maintaining sterility
  • Provide a means for evaluating the sterility of the XCell ATF® device prior to establishing the bioreactor connection
  • Allow change-out of the XCell ATF® device during a cell culture run without interrupting the bioreactor or XCell ATF® operation

Two wetting procedures have been developed: an off-line procedure and an on-line procedure.  After filter wetting, a filter integrity test can be performed. Additional detail can be obtained in the XCell ATF® Single-use User Guides.

Watch the video to see the XCell ATF® offline wetting procedure.

systems and Components

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XCell ATF® 2  Single-use Device
with C24 Controller

XCell ATF® 6 Single-use Device
with C410 Controller

XCell ATF® 10 Single-use Device
with C410 Controller

XCell ATF® 2 Single-use Device
0.2 µm PS
Part Number suATF2-G02PS

XCell ATF® 2 Single-use Device
0.2 µm PES
Part Number suATF2-S02PES

XCell ATF® 2 Single-use Stand
Part Number suATF2-STAND

XCell ATF® 6 Single-use Device
0.2 µm PS
Part Number suATF6-G02PS

XCell ATF® 6 Single-use Device
0.2 µm PES
Part Number suATF6-S02PES

XCell ATF® 6 Single-use Stand
Part Number suATF6-Stand

XCell ATF® 10 Single-use Device
0.2 µm PS
Part Number suATF10-G02PS

XCell ATF® 10 Single-use Device
0.2 µm PES
Part Number suATF10-S02PES

XCell ATF® 10 Single-use Stand
Part Number suATF10-Stand

XCell ATF® C24 Controller
for XCell ATF® 2 Single-use Device

XCell ATF® C410 v4 Controller
for XCell ATF® 6 and ATF 10 Single-use Devices

XCell ATF® C410 Controller Cart
for XCell ATF® C410 Controller

XCell ATF® 6 Single-use Tubing Set

Part Number suATF6-TubeSetKit

XCell ATF® 10 Single-use Tubing Set

Part Number suATF10-TubeSetKit


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