High Throughput Chromatography Forum

New software unleashes automated scale-down chromatography ​

Speed and simplicity for automated chromatography process development have arrived.  Explore more resins and more buffer conditions in less time towards higher recovery and purity.  Through a unique collaborative effort across Repligen, Tecan and Synthace, a new set of software applications has unleashed the potential of pre-packed columns and robotic hardware. Configure a 96-well plate of pre-packed columns on-line, program robotic sequence with visual scripts and effortlessly architect DOEs. Join us for an afternoon of innovation, case studies and a few technical chats over cocktails at the end.


  • Easy and fast AAV capture and polish DOE using new digital technologies
    Tim Schroeder, Director Product Management, Repligen
  • Smart commands simplify liquid handler programming
    Simon Fogarty, Head of Application Enablement, Tecan
  • Transform DOE design into structured data with simplicity
    Nalini V. S. Yadav, PhD and Luke Cach, Senior Account Executive
  • Customer Case Study
  • Social Reception

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The High Throughput Chromatography Forum sponsored by Repligen, Tecan, and Synthace has concluded for 2023.

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