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What is Slope Spectroscopy?

A Unique and Patented Variable Pathlength Technology (VPT)

Providing a more efficient method for analyzing at-line and in-line processes, slope spectroscopy is a UV-based technology that serves as an alternative to the Beer-Lambert Law that focuses on pathlength as the variable that determines concentration.

KrosFlo® KR2i RPM™ System

TFF with In-Line Protein Concentration Management

Monitor concentration in real time during your UF/DF run. Featuring in-line protein concentration management, control your process with the power of the KrosFlo® KR2i TFF System and insights from the integrated CTech™ FlowVPX® System.

CTech™ FlowVPX® System

In-line GMP testing

Designed to meet the rigors of regulatory GMP requirements, the new CTech FlowVPX® spectrophotometer system offers reliable real-time results with integrated ease for concentration measurements during every stage of the downstream GMP process.

CTech™ SoloVPE® System

At-line GMP and non-GMP testing

The CTech™ SoloVPE® System unlocks the power of Slope Spectroscopy with its unique and patented variable pathlength technology (VPT). Avoid costly dilution with this simple, yet empowering variable pathlength solution that delivers rapid and accurate results.

CTech™ FlowVPE® System

In-line process monitoring and control

The CTech™ FlowVPE® System uses the power of Slope Spectroscopy for online process monitoring and PAT fields. Offering process insights and enabling innovation, the FlowVPE helps accelerate development, reduce risk, and increase process efficiency.

CTech™ VPT Consumables

Elevate your lab with top-of-the-line consumables tailored for the SoloVPE and FlowVPX systems, ensuring pristine measurements and accuracy in your scientific endeavors.


ELISA Kits from Repligen deliver the precision, reproducibility, and sensitivity required for the accurate quantitation of leached native Protein A, recombinant Protein A, the MabSelect SuRe™ ligand, the NGL-Impact® ligands, AVIPure ligands, and LONG® R3 IGF-I.

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