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Wide range of applications

LONG® EGF can be used as a supplement for serum-free or low serum culture. 

Recombinant LONG® EGF acts via the Erb-1 receptor and has applications in fibroblast cell culture. Synergistic effects have been observed with LONG® RIGF-I in HEK293, MDCK and HeLa cell lines.

LONG® EGF is used across a wide range of customer-driven applications, including:

  • Therapeutic cell culture in a variety of fibroblast and epithelial cell types
  • Keratinocyte differentiation and growth
  • Cell-based vaccine production

LONG® EGF Cell Culture Supplement

LONG® EGF is a recombinant analog of human epidermal growth factor (EGF) used in regulatory approved cell-based therapies. It was developed as a supplement for use in therapeutic cell culture applications as a like-for-like replacement for native EGF or recombinant human EGF (hEGF).  The source is a proprietary Escherichia coli fermentation process, manufactured without the use of animal- or human-derived materials.

  • GMP compliant in accordance with ICH Q7 guidelines
  • Animal-free, proprietary e.coli manufacturing process
  • Like-for-like replacement for human, murine or recombinant EGF
  • Used in approved and marketed cell-based therapies

Lyophilized powder dried from 10 mM hydrochloric acid (HCl) in an atmosphere of nitrogen at a slight vacuum (~25 kPa)

  • 1 mg
  • 20 mg


  • 1 mg: Storage temperature and shipping in cold storage 2-8°C.
  • 20 mg: Storage temperature -20°C and shipped frozen.

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Repligen develops and manufactures products for the biopharmaceutical industry under an ISO 9001 quality management system. We focus on the timely delivery of high quality, consistent and robust products, to ensure business continuity for our customers.

Repligen manufacturing sites are located in Massachusetts, California, and New Jersey in the United States and in Sweden, France, The Netherlands,  Germany and Estonia.


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