Process Intensification


Bioprocess intensification is defined as a significant step increase in output relative to cell concentration, time, reactor volume or cost, resulting in improvements in productivity, environmental and economic metrics.


Advanced Therapy Medical Products (ATMP) have immense potential to transform the lives of patients with genetic diseases. Repligen partners with developers and manufacturers, providing technology breakthroughs and high impact solutions for plasmid and viral vector development and manufacturing.

Ultrafiltration | Diafiltration

Used in nearly every bioprocessing workflow, ultrafiltration/diafiltration (UF/DF) is a critical purification process, using tangential flow filtration (TFF), prior to final drug formulation.

Continuous Manufacturing


Continuous manufacturing is a method for manufacturing pharmaceutical products from end-to-end on a single, uninterrupted production line. The aim is to eliminate batch inefficiencies that result in process stoppages, long hold times, and sub-optimal facility utilization.

Process Analytics

Slope Spectroscopy® at-line and in-line protein concentration monitoring systems, and ligand-specific ELISA Kits, ensure that products meet required Process Analytical Technology (PAT) specifications.

COVID Solutions

Repligen is a partner in the development and manufacturing of COVID-19 therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics, featuring NGL COVID-19 Spike Protein Affinity Resin for the purification of COVID-19 vaccines.