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From upstream cell culture and harvest to downstream chromatography, filtration, analytics and fluid management, Repligen offers next generation, agnostic and flexible technologies that address the high complexity of the protein and vector-based therapeutics in the production of large biologic drugs.

Repligen solutions help overcome key challenges in bioprocessing, with hands-on process and implementation consultation from global Field Applications Specialists.

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Cell Culture

Cell culture, or cell expansion, refers to upstream methods that enable the growth of eukaryotic or prokaryotic cells in physiological conditions, for subsequent downstream purification and filtration.


Liquid chromatography is most commonly used in the purification of biopharmaceutical products, from first capture from upstream bioreactors to final polishing steps.

Ultrafiltration | Diafiltration

Used in nearly every bioprocessing workflow, ultrafiltration/diafiltration (UF/DF) is a critical purification process, using tangential flow filtration (TFF), prior to final drug formulation.