Unique design

Self-contained cylindrical dynamic dialysis device with concentric sample and buffer chamber

Easy to use

Easy loading and recovery with Luer-Lok Syringe. Continuous buffer flow eliminates buffer changes.


Increases the rate of dialysis and can reduce overall dialysis time from 1-2 days to  6-12 hours

Broad MWCO range

6 MWCOs from 0.1 - 100 kD for all dialysis applications from small peptides to large nanoparticles

High purity

Achieve 98% sample purity with Biotech CE membrane, no heavy metal and sulfides.

Featured application

Purification of fragile proteins

Tube-A-Lyzer® is a ready-to-use device that combines single-use convenience with the efficiency of dynamic dialysis to significantly improve dialysis efficiency and can reduce time from days to hours. The unique two chamber-device features a membrane defined sample chamber with a port for easy sample loading and recovery; surrounded by a flow-through buffer chamber for continuous and gentle dialysis.  Compared to traditional-static dialysis, the continuous buffer flow increases the mass transfer rate across the semi-permeable membrane to achieve a higher exchange rate and purity in less time.

The Tube-A-Lyzer® easily mounts on a standard lab stand with a tube clamp and connects to a separate buffer source that is continuously pumped in either single-pass or recirculation mode. Two units can be coupled for operating in parallel.  (Stand, pump, pump tubing and bracket sold separately) 

Available in 2 sample volume sizes (8-10 ml and 25-30 ml) and made with with high purity Biotech Grade Cellulose Ester (CE) membrane in 6 MWCOs ranging from 0.1-100 kD (refer to the Chemical Compatibility table).


  • 2 sample volume sizes (8-10 ml & 25-30 ml)
  • Easy access port for sample loading, recovery & testing
  • Biotech CE membrane in 6 concise MWCO’s (0.1 – 100 kD)
  • Flow through buffer chamber for dynamic dialysis
  • Coupling for parallel operation or split-flow

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Typical Applications for Tube-A-Lyzer® Dynamic Dialysis Devices

  • Gentle purification of labile proteins and conjugates
  • Isolation of delicate macromolecules
  • Biopolymer purification and removal of monomers
  • Buffer exchange for protein refolding
  • Enzyme activity and ligand binding studies

Product Specifications

2 Volume Sizes 8 - 10 ml 25 - 30 ml
Buffer chamber volume 50 - 55 ml 120 - 130 ml
Total length 23 cm 50 cm
Total diameter 2.2 cm 2.2 cm
Membrane effective length 14 - 16 mm 36 - 38 mm
Membrane diameter 1.0 mm 1.0 mm
0.1 - 0.5 kD
8-10 kD
50 kD
100 kD
Membrane Biotech grade Cellurose Ester membrane (CE)
Sample chamber Polycarbonate top and bottom piece
Polyurethane potting
Female Luer-lok sample port
Polypropylene male Luer-lok cap
Buffer chamber Polycarbonate housing
Polycarbonate end caps
6 mm (3/16 inch) hose-barb inlet / outlet ports
Dynamic pump rate 10-20 ml/min (should be optimized for application)
Packaging Dry packaged with 20% glycerin

SpectraPor® Tube-A-Lyzer® Dialysis Device Part Numbers



8 - 10 ml

25 - 30 ml



0.1 - 0.5 kD





8 - 10 kD





50 kD





100 kD