Immobilized Protein A Resins (IPA)

IPA 400HC Protein A Affinity Resin

IPA 400HC offers a higher performing Protein A resin with double the binding capacity and linear flow rate capability of IPA 300. This resin can be used for bench- to commercial-scale production of therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies. IPA 400HC incorporates animal-free recombinant Protein A ligand, srPA50, immobilized onto a highly cross-linked agarose bead.


IPA 300S and IPA 300 Protein A Affinity Resin

IPA 300S is a Repligen legacy Protein A affinity resin used in commercial manufacturing processes for therapeutic antibodies. This resin can also be used for bench-scale experiments and immunoprecipitation (IP) methods. IPA 300S incorporates Repligen's srPA50 ligand immobilized onto an agarose bead.

IPA 300 has been discontinued by formal notification of obsolescence , June 23, 2016. Please substitute  with the equivalent product IPA300S.

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