Plug and Play solution

No cassette installation, stacking or aligning

No holder, no torquing, no re-torquing

Improve efficiency

Reduce setup time by 80%

Minimal operator intervention and manipulation

No bulky holders to move around

Enhance productivity

Minimize risk of product loss due to misaligned cassettes or loss of compression

Aseptically closed, gamma sterilization reduces bioburden risk

Scalable solution

Scalable from 0.5m2 to 10m2

Easily scale from traditional cassette formats

Consistent performance

Comparable product performance to traditional cassette formats

Individually tested for integrity and hydrodynamic performance 

TangenX SC is a self-contained, single-use, gamma sterilized TFF device that does not require a holder.

Consistent, robust device performance


TangenX SC self-contained TFF devices are designed to address your downstream filtration needs:

  1. Easy-to-use True Flat Sheet Device: TangenX SC is your plug-and-play solution reducing the setup time by a remarkable 80% because no holder is required. Say goodbye to the multi-step setup procedures and torquing required by traditional cassettes and holders
  2. Scalable: TangenX SC devices are scalable within the product family and designed to be cross-scalable with TangenX SIUS® single-use cassettes and TangenX PRO reusable cassettes by maintaining the same flow path length and height
  3. Improved Productivity:  With TangenX SC, the filters are contained within the device ensuring the integrity of your process and minimizing the risk of product loss
  4. Reduced Process Support Time: TangenX SC eliminates torquing before and during a run and simplifies decommissioning, allowing you to focus on what matters - your process and facility efficiency
  5. Consistent TFF Cassette Performance: With the same high performing membranes and channel geometry and flow path length as other TangenX cassettes formats, you can expect the same exceptional TFF performance with TangenX SC

Unlock TangenX SC's Value


Our self-contained TFF devices are a game-changer for process-scalable UF/DF. Here's what sets TangenX SC apart:

  • No Holder or Torquing Required: Our innovative design eliminates the need for holders and torquing, reducing setup time, minimizing product loss risk, and enhancing overall facility efficiency
  • True Flat Sheet Technology: Experience the benefits of a true flat sheet TFF device, unmatched in efficiency, scalability, and reliability
  • Closed, Sterile, and Gamma Irradiated: Minimize bioburden risk and enhance operator safety with our closed, gamma-irradiated TFF device
  • Compatible with Any TFF System: The small foot-print of TangenX SC minimizes space requirements and facilitates seamless integration with your existing TFF systems
  • No Sanitization Required: Forget about laborious sanitization routines. TangenX SC simplifies your workflow, saving you both time and labor costs

TangenX SC is not just a product; it's a solution that streamlines your TFF processes, saving you time, effort, and resources while de-risking your process.

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Innovation in Tangential Flow Filtration: Holder-less Self-Contained Flat Sheet Cassette Device

Tangential Flow Filtration has been a cornerstone technology in bioprocessing, enabling the separation and concentration of biomolecules with precision and efficiency. In this study, we introduce a groundbreaking innovation in TFF technology with the launch of the first holder-less self-contained true flat sheet cassette device. 

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Product Formats: Solutions designed to scale with your process


TangenX SC TFF devices are available in a range of sizes and membrane choices designed to meet your TFF needs for clinical and commercial manufacturing volumes. 

Surface Area

Membrane Type

Screen Type


Crossflow at 10 psi / 0.7 bar

Hold up Volume 



0.5 m2

ProStream and HyStream membranes (mPES)

L Screen

10 kD

30 kD

50 kD

100 kD

300 kD

 2 - 4 L/min

0.33 L

5.9 in (15.0 cm)

10 in

(25.4 cm)

1.5 m2

 6 - 12 L/min

0.84 L

7.7 in (19.7 cm)

2.5 m2

10 - 20 L/min

1.23 L

9.3 in (23.6 cm)

5.0 m2

20 - 40 L/min

2.19 L

13.1 in (33.3 cm)

10 m2

40 - 80 L/min

4.41 L

20.6 in (52.3 cm)

TangenX SC Product Performance

TangenX SC and TangenX SIUS have comparable crossflow vs pressure drop (dP) and meet the specification of 4 - 8 LPM/m2 at dP=10psi demonstrating the cross-scalability of the two formats.

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Normalized water permeability (NWP) is a measure of the resistance to flow through a membrane and device. The NWP of TangenX SC devices and SIUS Gamma devices containing 30kD membrane is comparable.

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TangenX SC and SIUS, both with 30kD ProStream membrane with L-screen channel, have equivalent flux vs TMP demonstrating the cross-scalability of the two device formats. 

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The impact of concentration factor on the flux rate and the pressure drop for a 10-fold concentration of IgG solution for both a conventional SIUS cassette and TangenX SC device show similar results indicating equivalent performance. Following the concentration operation, recovery of IgG with both formats was comparable.

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TangenX SC TFF Devices are designed to be easy-to-use


Repeatable Performance

TangenX SC is designed for the ultimate ease of use. The product performance does not rely on proper alignment of cassettes in a holder or maintaining proper compression of the cassettes. Simply snap the AseptiQuik® connections into your system flow path and you are ready to run.

Easy to Condition

TangenX SC comes pre-sanitized with a small hold-up 0.2M NaOH and then sterilized. Conditioning for use is as easy as a flush with WFI or buffer and the process is ready to begin.

Easy Deployment

The small footprint of TangenX SC and the elimination of bulky stainless steel holders makes installation either on the benchtop or in a manufacturing suite hassle-free.

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