TangenX® SIUS® Single-use TFF Cassettes are a convenient alternative to reusable cassettes. Delivered ready to use with choice of membrane, pore size and flow-channel configuration, SIUS Cassettes enable cost and process efficiencies while eliminating tedious clean-in-place (CIP) and sanitization steps. 

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Unparalleled process and cost efficiencies

TangenX® SIUS® Single-use Cassettes are the first purpose-built cassettes designed for tangential flow filtration. Deploying these innovative cassettes can help reduce filter cost by 80%, reduce labor costs by 50%, and reduce buffer and water usage by 75% when compared to traditional reusable cassettes.



Simple connectivity with ProConnex® Flow Paths

Custom ProConnex® Flow Paths complete your TFF solution. Flow paths are build using Class VI Bioprocess-grade materials that are BSE/TSE-free and Lot-traceable.



Build a custom flow path to your specifications

  • Engineer-designed 
  • Choose from over 250 components
    • Connections
    • Process reservoirs
    • Pressure transducers
    • Aseptic connectors

Order a pre-built and quality tested off-the shelf ProConnex® Flow Path stocked for rapid delivery.

  • Individually inspected
  • Integrity testing available 
  • Clean room assembled
  • Double-bagged

Leverage the flexibility of genderless connectors and seamlessly connect to your existing flow path.


Diverse options for diverse process needs

SIUS® TFF Cassettes are offered with two membrane chemistries, two screen types, a wide selection of molecular weight cutoffs (MWCO), and a broad range of surface areas. With 96 configurations available, SIUS  TFF Cassettes accommodate diverse process requirements for ultrafiltration and diafiltration applications from process development to commercial manufacturing.

ProStream Membrane

  • Neutral charge
  • Low protein binding
  • Excellent chemical resistance

HyStream Membrane

  • Hydrophilic
  • Low protein binding
  • minimal fouling with hydrophobic species

Multiple channel configurations

Tangential flow filtration cassettes create turbulence at the membrane's surface and minimize fouling. The result is an increase in performance with a higher permeate flux. SIUS® Cassettes are offered in three different channel configurations to best suit the application. The channel configuration refers to the type of turbulence promoter incorporated into the feed channel of a cassette.


A medium channel or L screen is offered in all TangenX® SIUS® Cassette formats. The screen creates turbulence at the membrane's surface ensuring outstanding permeate flux with minimal fouling. This channel configuration requires the lowest pumping rate and yields the highest cross flow velocity. This type of channel is best suited for clarified feed streams over a wide range of viscosities.


A coarser screen channel, the EP channel is offered in all TangenX® SIUS® Cassettes. The screen geometry of this single-use cassette can process feed streams with a higher viscosity and reduce the overall pressure drop. It is scalable from 100cm2 to 2.5m2, packaged sanitized and compatible with existing cassette holders and FPIs. This type of channel is best suited for processes that use shear sensitive feed streams.


An open channel or J channel is offered in all TangenX® SIUS® Cassettes. A 0.5mm flow spacer separating the membrane creates an open feed flow channel. This type of channel creates the least amount of turbulence while still minimizing fouling. It also requires the highest pumping rate to pass particulates. This type of channel is best suited for unclarified feed streams and is used for processes such as cell harvest operation.


Compatible with most cassette holders

To ensure fit with cassette holders from other manufacturers, SIUS® TFF Cassettes for process development are offered with two different notch patterns at the end of the cassette.


TangenX® SIUS® PD with standard notch
0.850in (21.59mm) Offset

This format fits the following cassette clamps and holders:

  • TangenX® SIUS® PD Cassette Clamps
  • TangenX® PRO PD Cassette Holders
  • Pall - Centramate Holder (CM018LV, FS001K10)

TangenX® SIUS® PD with offset notch
0.756in (19.21mm) Offset

This format fits the following cassette clamps and holders:

  • This format fits the following third part cassette holders:
  • Sartorius - Sartocon Slice holder (17525-01, 17521-02)
  • GE - Kvick Lab Holder (KLPH01SSU, KLHR0105000SS)
  • Millipore - Pellicon Mini Holder (XX42PMINI)

Scalable from process development to commercial scale

Process volume and membrane area determine scale-up from SIUS® Single-use Cassettes to PRO Reusable TFF Cassettes.



Single-use TFF provides the greatest benefit for small to moderate scale operations.
Reusable TFF is optimal for large production scale operations.

Interested in simulating a cost model for your specific application?

SIUS® Gamma Devices for sterile processes

SIUS® Gamma Devices embody the performance and efficiency of SIUS Cassettes in a convenient, fully assembled, closed, and sterile system. ​Acclaimed performance with up to 30% flux increase over conventional membranes, connectivity freedom, and a library of configurations, converge into one, simple TFF solution. ​SIUS Gamma TFF Devices are ideal for gene therapy applications, bioburden-sensitive operations, and hazardous processes. 

SIUS Gamma Devices

TangenX® SIUS® Cassettes

 Validated for GMP use, SIUS® TFF Cassettes are delivered ready to use with either ProStream or HyStream membranes, with choice of pore sizes and flow-channel configurations. Pre-sanitized and packaged with 0.2M NaOH, the cassettes are engineered with optimized channel geometry and enhanced device rigidity to ensure that hydraulic performance is maintained during processing and scale-up. 

Click on the tabs below to explore different features of SIUS Cassettes for process development or commercial manufacturing.

During process development, the aim is to select the most promising membrane candidates while making related decisions regarding feed pressure,  trans-membrane pressure (TMP) and screen geometry. SIUS® PD Single-use TFF Cassettes save valuable time and resources by eliminating cleaning cycles between experiments. Designed for processing volumes from tens of milliliters to several liters, SIUS PD Cassettes enable linear scale processing over a wide range of operating volumes.

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Membrane Surface Areas:
0.01 meter2, 0.02 meter2, 0.10 meter2

When the primary membrane candidate has already been chosen as a process parameter, the production method needs to be verified and production materials produced for toxicology or pre-clinical trials, and ultimately for large-scale commercial production. SIUS® Single-use TFF Cassettes provide reliable cassette-to-cassette consistency, ensuring that processes can scale to commercial production levels.

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Membrane Surface Areas:
0.5 meter2, 1.5 meter2, 2.5 meter2

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Repligen manufacturing sites are located in Massachusetts, California, and New Jersey in the United States and in Sweden, France, The Netherlands,  Germany and Estonia.


Validated manufacturing

Quality Manufacturing

TangenX® Cassettes are manufactured in a fully validated and documented manufacturing process according to the principles of cGMP. Each cassette comes with a Quality Assurance Certificate. 

Comprehensive Regulatory Support Files

Each TangenX® TFF Cassette is supported by a Regulatory Support File (available upon request) that includes:

  • Product information
  • Cassette design
  • Materials of construction
  • Product performance
  • Safety information
  • Documentation system
  • Product Manufacturing
  • Qualification
  • Manufacturing Process Validation
  • Release Testing

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