As the pioneer and leader in laboratory dialysis products, Repligen offers the largest selection of dialysis membranes and products for laboratory research and analytical testing, featuring SpectraFlo® Dynamic Dialysis for Ideal for the production of fragile proteins, viscous fluids and polymer gels.

Ready-to-use Dialysis Devices

Only Repligen offers 3 ready-to-use Dialysis Devices designed for ultimate convenience, easy dialysis and excellent recovery featuring high purity Biotech Grade CE Membrane in a broad range of MWCO's. No need for closures, knots, buoys, pontoons or needles.

SpectraPor® Dialysis Tubing and Membranes

Repligen SpectraPor® membranes offer the largest selection of molecular porous dialysis tubing and membrane products to meet the diverse requirements for a myriad of dialysis applications. Only Repligen provides dialysis membrane in Standard Grade and Biotech Grade, as well as 2 polymer chemistry-types, Regenerated Cellulose (RC) and Cellulose Ester (CE).

SpectraFlo™ Dynamic Dialysis Systems

SpectraFlo™ Dynamic Dialysis Systems are the only commercially available systems for scalable dynamic dialysis from lab scale to large volume processing. 

Dialysis Tubing Closures

Tubing Closures are the preferred method for sealing dialysis tubing to minimize the risk of sample leakage. While tied knots often leak, damage the membrane and are difficult to open, Tubing Closures are easy to apply, ensure a leak-proof seal and are re-usable.