Use of pre-packed columns in downstream chromatography has increased in response to the needs of multi-product facilities and initiatives focused on reducing change over time. In particular, adopters of pre-packed columns have realized the following benefits:

  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Rapid change over (no column packing, unpacking, or cleaning validation)
  • Operational flexibility for multi-product facilities
  • Reduced capital expense
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Eliminate column packing issues

Replacing traditional self-packed glass or stainless steel columns, pre-packed columns are packed by experts in state of the art facilities and are delivered ready to use for GMP processing. 

The ability of pre-packed column suppliers to focus their operations on column packing results in more consistently packed columns over time.  This allows a bioprocessing facility to outsource column packing, a non-value added step for making therapeutic proteins, and no longer worry about column packing issues. This transfer of operational risk helps adopters of pre-packed columns to maintain leaner operations and focus on the most critical aspects of making and purifying therapeutic proteins. 

As the industry evolves to incorporate continuous processing, pre-packed columns are a perfect fit for multi-column chromatography. Banks of multiple pre-packed columns can be delivered ready to run eliminating the need for multiple self-packed columns. In addition, the potential for pre-packed columns to be gamma sterilized provides a compelling value proposition for companies looking to implement multi-column chromatography.  

OPUS® 2.5 - 80R Pre-packed Columns


OPUS® Pre-packed Chromatography Columns provide linear scale-up from process validation to commercial and GMP manufacturing.

OPUS® MiniChrom® Pre-packed Columns


Designed for bench-scale resin screening, process development, and sample preparation, OPUS® MiniChrom® Columns are pre-packed with user-specified resin and supplied ready to use with any liquid chromatography system. Flexible column dimension configurations (internal diameters, bed heights, volumes) allow comparative evaluation of process parameters and the construction of customized resin libraries.

OPUS® RoboColumn® Pre-packed Columns


OPUS® RoboColumn® miniaturized pre-packed columns are on a 96-well plate, designed for automated chromatography process development and sample preparation using robotic liquid handling workstations.

OPUS® ValiChrom® Pre-packed Columns


OPUS® ValiChrom® Columns are glass pre-packed columns that are exact scale-down models of full-scale columns, ideal for process validation, including virus clearance studies.