Fluid management is critical within and between every unit operation in upstream and downstream biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Each touchpoint, regardless of size, presents a risk of failure as well as an opportunity for step advances in process economics and process efficiency. 

Repligen fluid management solutions include state-of-the-art single-use components, and innovative storage and transfer equipment.

Single-use components
  • Conveys fluid across unit operations
  • Includes equipment and consumables
  • Grows, processes and conveys biotherapeutics and process liquids
Storage and transfer
  • Connects the unit operations and stores material
  • Includes bags, bottles, tubing, totes and other components
  • Excludes processing equipment

Single-use Valves

Single-use valves add ease and disposability to traditional valve formats. Configurable and modular, they are designed as sanitary drop-in replacements to standard diaphragm and arterial process valves.

Non-metallic Process Equipment

Repligen non-metallic process equipment are cost-effective alternatives to traditional stainless steel totes and carts. With virtually unlimited options and configurations, Repligen products are made of highest quality Class VI TSE/BSE free materials and customized to the customer's specific application.

Single-use Bottles and Containers

Standard and custom bottles, carboys, flasks and funnels are customized for efficient handling and transfer of high-value/high-purity liquids during bioprocessing. Innovative designs address specific ergonomic and process needs.

Molded Components and Tubing

Single-use molded components and tubing feature state-of-the-art overmolding technology and extruded silicone tubing that help optimize fluid transfer and reduce number of connections.

ProConnex® Flow Paths

Customized, configurable and complete ProConnex Flow Paths optimize fluid management and connectivity for specific Repligen single-use closed TFF and TFDF Systems.