XCell ATF® Device Size Selection Guide

Presented are hollow fiber filter areas, XCell ATF® Pump volumes, and typical bioreactor working volumes paired with each XCell ATF® Device. Actual capacity and vessel size depend upon specific cell culture process conditions.

DeviceEffective filter surface area (m2) Approximate ATF volume exchanged (L) Suspension cultures volume (L)
XCell ATF 10.022 0.017 0.5 - 2
XCell ATF 20.13 0.1 2 - 10
XCell ATF 40.77 0.4 10 - 50
XCell ATF 6 2.5 1.3 50 - 200
XCell ATF 10 11.0 6.0 200 - 1000

XCell ATF® Single-use Devices

XCell ATF® 1 Single-use Device

XCell ATF® 2 Single-use Device

XCell ATF® 6 Single-use Device

XCell ATF® 10 Single-use Device

XCell ATF® Single-use Tubing Sets

Filter Wetting Procedure

XCell ATF® Single-use Devices are supplied dry. To ensure robust filter performance, it is important to wet the filter prior to use.  The XCell ATF® Tubing Set and the suggested wetting protocols are designed to:

  • Ensure efficient and complete filter wetting by minimizing the formation of air pockets during the wetting process
  • Enable pre-use filter integrity testing while maintaining sterility
  • Provide a means for evaluating the sterility of the XCell ATF® device prior to establishing the bioreactor connection
  • Allow change-out of the XCell ATF® device during a cell culture run without interrupting the bioreactor or XCell ATF® operation


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XCell ATF® Stainless Steel Devices

XCell ATF® 2 Stainless Steel Device

XCell ATF® 4 Stainless Steel Device

XCell ATF® 6 Stainless Steel Device

XCell ATF® 10 Stainless Steel Device

How to Install a Hollow Fiber Filter

Watch the video on how to install a hollow fiber filter into an XCell ATF® 10 stainless steel device.


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XCell™ Controller

XCell™ Lab Controller

   for use with:
XCell ATF® 1 (SU)
XCell ATF® 2 (SU,SS)
XCell® ATF 4 (SS)

XCell ATF® C410 Controller

for use with:
XCell ATF® 4 (SS)
XCell ATF® 6 (SU, SS)
XCell ATF® 10 (SU, SS)

XCell ATF® C410 Controller Cart

XCell ATF® devices by scale


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