What is Variable Pathlength Technology?

A different approach to concentration measurement

Variable Pathlength Technology (VPT) is UV-based technology that offers efficient analysis methods for both at-line and in-line concentration measurement processes

  • VPT can omit dilution, estimation, and all manual calculations
  • The patented Slope Spectroscopy method provides increased accuracy, high repeatability, and easier implementation
  • VPT can scale down a seven-step process to two key elements: Measure and Report
  • The VPT method efficiently receives multiple linear data points in just under two minutes

Other helpful videos

How is Variable Pathlength Technology different from traditional UV-Vis Spectroscopy?

Traditionally UV-Visible analysis relies on a fixed pathlength at a single datapoint. This requires sample dilution that can vary from analyst to analyst, introducing variability. UV-based Variable Pathlength Technology (VPT) incorporates the Beer-Lambert law into the Slope Spectroscopy Method, where multiple datapoints are acquired due to having pathlength unlocked as a variable. Watch video below to learn more.

What is the difference between CTech SoloVPE and CTech FlowVPX Systems?

Concentration measurement is a critical attribute measurement taken at various stages of the bioprocess workflow. CTech Analytical Solutions provides two VPT spectrophotometer systems that can be used where you need to measure concentration measurement. Whether you want to measure concentration “in-line” or looking for “at-line” or “off-line” solutions, we have a solution for you. Watch the video to learn more.

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CTech™ SoloVPE® System

At-line GMP and non-GMP testing

The CTech™ SoloVPE® System unlocks the power of Slope Spectroscopy with its unique and patented variable pathlength technology (VPT). Avoid costly dilution with this simple, yet empowering variable pathlength solution that delivers rapid and accurate results.

CTech™ FlowVPX® System

In-line GMP testing

Designed to meet the rigors of regulatory GMP requirements, the new CTech FlowVPX® spectrophotometer system offers reliable real-time results with integrated ease for concentration measurements during every stage of the downstream GMP process.