Specifically engineered to purify feed streams from production-scale bioreactors, OPUS® 45R and 60R columns match the performance of self-packed columns while delivering the cost and labor savings expected from ready-to-use pre-packed columns.

  • Seamless scale-up from smaller ID columns
  • Complete documentation package for GMP use


Watch the webinar to see how these columns deliver equivalent or better performance as self-packed columns.


Over 19% cost savings and up to 50% labor savings (~92 FTE hours) were achieved when using the OPUS® 60R compared to traditional self-packed columns. 

Glass column amortized over 20 campaigns, OPUS® column over 3 campaigns; 3  batches/campaign; 2 cycles/batch; no column repacks.

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OPUS® columns are shipped in qualified packaging which has passed the International Safe Transit Authority’s (ISTA) worst case shipping simulations.  Below is an example of ISTA test procedure 2B which was performed on OPUS® 45 cm and 60 cm columns packaged in the qualified crate design.  Chromatographic testing was performed in the Repligen OPUS® applications lab, and ISTA test procedure 2B was performed at an independent certified test facility.

  • High temperature (38° C) and high humidity for 36 hours
  • Low temperature (4° C) and low humidity for 36 hours
  • Compression testing
  • 2 hours of random vibrational testing
  • Multiple drop tests



OPUS® 45 cm and 60 cm columns are built to accept and purify a feedstream from 1000L-2000L bioreactors.


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