Solutions for mRNA / LNP Bioprocessing

With the proven success of mRNA-based vaccines in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, mRNA technology is at the forefront of transforming the world of medicine. Clinical trials are ongoing to develop both vaccines and therapies to treat infectious diseases and even cancer. 

The development and manufacturing of messenger RNA (mRNA) therapies are impacted by low process yields and scalability challenges. Vaccines based on mRNA containing lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) are a promising new platform that has demonstrated high protein expression, robust immune responses, and efficacy in numerous animal studies. Plasmid DNA (pDNA) is a critical redelivery template for mRNA.

Repligen offers solutions that help overcome key challenges in mRNA/LNP, and pDNA manufacturing, with hands-on process and implementation consultation from recognized Gene Therapy, oncolytic and vaccines industry.​

mRNA Bioprocessing Workflow

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Repligen workflow solutions include hardware, software and consumables that scale from process development to large-scale GMP manufacturing levels.


Global high demand
  • Scalability and cost effectiveness
  • Accelerated speed to market
  • Shear sensitivity
  • Low productivity and purification yield
Product quality and purity
  • Removal of rDNA, dsRNA, RNA fragments, non-encapsulated LNPs

Limited process knowledge
  • Limited scale-up process and implementation experience
  • Lack of in-line process monitoring for cell and cell-free platforms

Repligen Solutions

Increased yield
  • Optimized vector production - Simplify manufacturing process by replacing centrifugation with microfiltration TFF
  • Fully scalable Chromatography and TFF equipment designed for low shear and low hold-up volume performance, maximizing product purity and recovery
Increased quality
  • Fully sterile and closed automated systems with single-use flow paths
  • Pre-packed columns enable purification and process consistency
  • Analytical in-line technology
Expert consultation

Hands-on process and implementation approach from
recognized Gene Therapy, oncolytic and vaccines industry

Repligen Cell and Gene Therapy 
​Applications Center

As a thought leader in Gene Therapy bioprocessing, Repligen maintains a state-of-the-art Gene Therapy Applications Center focused on developing internal applications expertise as well as effective collaborations with customers and Gene Therapy leaders.​

The Center is staffed by a team of experts in vaccine and viral vector production, purification and analytics.​

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