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Impact of Single-use Tangential Flow Filtration on Downstream Bioprocessing

Impact of Single-use Tangential Flow Filtration on Downstream Bioprocessing

Michael LaBreck, Global Bioprocess Sales Specialist, TangenX™ TFF Products, Repligen Corporation


Repligen TangenX™ SIUS™ Single-use Cassettes are the first purpose-built cassettes designed for tangential flow filtration. This webinar will demonstrate how deploying these innovative cassettes can help reduce filter cost by 80%, reduce labor costs by 50%, and reduce buffer and water usage by 75% when compared to traditional reusable cassettes.

Speaker Bio

Michael LaBreck graduated from Syracuse University (New York) with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Suffolk University (Boston).

Michael began working in the life sciences industry with Pall Biotech in 1995 as a sales engineer. In 2002, Michael joined GE Healthcare as Business Development Manager for filtration technology. In 2007, Michael joined TangenX Technology Corporation and was responsible for all sales and commercial activities globally. In 2016, TangenX™ was acquired by Repligen Corporation, and Michael continued in his role to support all global commercial activities for TangenX™ TFF products.

With over 25 years’ experience in tangential-flow filtration (TFF) technologies, Michael has provided support to hundreds of customers to optimize and scale-up downstream UF/DF processes in bioprocessing applications.