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Dialysis Technologies

Ready-to-use devices

As the pioneer and leader in laboratory dialysis products, Repligen offers the largest selection of dialysis membranes for laboratory research and analytical testing.  Ideal for static stirring of small volumes for sample preparation or solute release studies, lab-scale dialysis products include a suite of ready-to-use devices, dynamic dialysis systems, membranes and tubing.

ready-to-use devices

SpectraFlo™ Dynamic Dialysis

Dynamic dialysis is an exciting new technology driven by increasing demand for gentle and consistent multi-batch large-volume purification. It aims to facilitate dynamic buffer flow around the membrane-encased sample to increase purification efficiency and to improve large buffer handling. Ideal for the production of fragile proteins, viscous fluids and polymer gels, such as hyaluronic acid, dynamic dialysis products include lab-scale to process-scale recircualtion tanks, systems, membranes and tubing.

Dynamic dialysis

dialysis Membranes

Dialysis membranes from Repligen include biotech-grade, standard-grade and custom membranes that can be used in both lab-scale and process-scale operations.

Dialysis Membranes

Dialysis Tubing Closures

Tubing Closures are the preferred method for sealing dialysis tubing to minimize the risk of sample leakage. are easy to apply, ensure a leak-proof seal and are re-usable.

Dialysis tubing closures