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OPUS® Pre-packed Columns
Process Development

OPUS® Columns, formerly Atoll columns, are designed for use in downstream automated parallel chromatography, bench-scale resin screening, process development, and sample preparation.

OPUS® RoboColumn®

Used in the industry since 2007, OPUS® RoboColumns® are miniaturized pre-packed columns on a 96-well plate.  They are designed for efficient automated chromatography process development, resin and sample screening, and sample preparation using robotic liquid handling workstations.


OPUS® RoboColumn®

OPUS® MiniChrom™

Designed for bench-scale process development,  OPUS® MiniChrom™ Columns are pre-packed with user-specified resin and supplied ready to use with any liquid chromatography system. Currently platformed in various process development projects, as well as for resin sampling by various resin vendors, over 30,000 OPUS® MiniChrom™ Columns have been in used in the industry since 2005.

OPUS® MiniChrom™