OPUS® Pre-packed Chromatography Columns

Leader of the Pack from bench-scale process development to production-scale, OPUS® Pre-packed Chromatography Columns are setting the standard in modern chromatography from screening, sample preparation, and process validation through scale-up and commercial manufacturing.

Any size

Column volume: 50µL to 150L
Range of bed heights from 0.25 – 30cm configurable to the nearest millimeter

any resin

Packed with user-specified resin; over 300 resins available

ultimate flexibility

Innovative side port for unpacking resin in OPUS® 45R, 60R, 80R columns


Leader of the Pack from bench-scale to production-scale, OPUS® 5 - 80R Columns provide linear performance scale-up with 6-8 week standard lead time.

With hundreds of columns shipped globally each year, OPUS® 5 - 80R Pre-packed Chromatography Columns lead the way with unparalleled flexibility in media choice, application, and size. Since launching OPUS® Columns in 2012, Repligen is the recognized expert in packing manufacturing-scale columns today, and the innovation leader in downstream pre-packed column technology.

OPUS® 5 - 80R Columns

OPUS® 5 - 80R Technology

OPUS® 5 - 80R for GMP Manufacturing

Process Validation

OPUS® ValiChrom™ Columns are high performance glass pre-packed columns designed to be exact scale-down models of corresponding full-scale chromatography columns. With over 2500 columns packed since 2007,  OPUS® ValiChrom™ Columns are uniquely suited for process validation, including virus clearance studies.

OPUS® ValiChrom™ for process validation

Screening and Sample Preparation

OPUS® Columns are designed for use in downstream automated parallel chromatography, bench-scale resin screening, process development, and sample preparation.

OPUS® columns for Screening and sample preparation

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