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ProConnex® Flow Paths

Customized, configurable and complete, ProConnex® Flow Paths provide single-use ready-to-operate convenience for all tangential flow filtration applications.

ProConnex® Flow Paths

In response to the demand to improve process efficiencies, ProConnex® Flow Paths from Repligen provide customized, configurable and complete assemblies that optimize the connectivity of tangential flow filtration (TFF) systems to the workflow.

ProConnex® Flow Paths are designed according to specific customer specifications by Repligen engineers, for a specific TFF application.

KrosFlo® Max ProConnex® Flow Path

MidiKros ProConnex® Flow Path
Example with reservoir

MidiKros ProConnex® Flow Path
Example with bags and reservoir

Application Gene Therapy

Application: Particle Fractionation

Application: N-1 Perfusion

Application: Bacteria Phage Concentration

Application: Antibody Harvest


Customizable flow path defined through engineering design process


Gamma-irradiated, ready-to-operate single-use simplicity


Includes fittings and connections, process reservoirs, pressure transducers, aseptic connectors,
TFF filters


Improved batch control
No cross-contamination
Lower production costs
Limited manufacturing down-time
Quicker and easier set-up


Operates with off-line peristaltic pump or integrated magnetic levitating pump
Works with hollow fiber or flat sheet filters

Quality manufacturing

Manufactured in compliance with ISO guidelines in an ISO 7 clean room
Defined lead times

Order workflow