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Fed-Batch Intensification

With more than half of all upstream cell culture bioprocessing today operated in Fed-Batch mode, process intensification is a critical process towards increasing throughput, productivity and capacity.

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Advantages of Fed-batch intensification

Intensification delivers more product faster, while keeping operations in Fed-Batch mode. Intensified processes achieve higher viable cell densities, higher product titers and require less suite time. Higher productivity, smaller bioreactors and more batches with shorter times to harvest, accelerate program development and mitigate facility expansion risks. 

  • Increase throughput, productivity and capacity
  • Maximize facility utilization 
  • Execute high ROI business decisions

XCell ATF® Fed-Batch applications address specific productivity and throughput challenges faced during different bioprocessing stages. To help maximize Fed-Batch prductivity and throughput, Repligen optimized N-1 Perfusion and High Productivity Harvest, using XCell ATF® technology.

FED-Batch intensification applications

N-1 Perfusion
Seed train intensification

N-1 perfusion, a key part of  seed train intensification, refers to the intensification of the step prior to the production bioreactor (N), using a cell retention device such as XCell  ATF®, which results in high cell densities and viabilities. Inoculating the production bioreactor at a higher cell concentration results in a faster bioreactor turnaround time. 

  • Harvest same amount of product in less time 

  • Increase throughput: more molecules, more batches per year

N-1 Perfusion

Seed train intensification

High Productivity Harvest (HPH)


High Productivity Harvest (HPH) boosts productivity and eliminates the need for both centrifugation and depth filtration by producing a 0.2 µm clarified product stream. HPH utilizes a cell retention device such as XCell  ATF® or KrosFlo® TFDF® that is connected to the Fed-Batch bioreactor after peak cell density is reached. 

  • Increase productivity: more product output per batch 

  • Generate multiple harvests at high titer 

  • Eliminate centrifuge and depth filtration 

High Productivity Harvest

combined n-1 and hph


Combining N-1 perfusion and High Productivity Harvest in a single process can deliver higher cell densities and higher product titers with less suite time. This application can generate up to twice the product in half the time.   

  • Increase facility throughput: more molecules, more batches per year  
  • Increase facility productivity: more product per batch  
  • Eliminate centrifugation and depth filtration