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Fed-Batch Cell Culture

More than half of all upstream cell culture bioprocessing today are operated in Fed Batch mode, where nutrients necessary for cell growth and product formation are fed either intermittently or continuously during the course of an otherwise batch operation.  When the cell culture volume is full, a batch mode of operation is used to harvest the final results.

Increasingly efficient bioreactors that enable higher cell densities require new clarification strategies to increase the efficiency of downstream purification. Traditional primary clarification techniques that include multi-stage equipment-intensive centrifugation, depth filtration and sterile filtration are evolving into single-use clarification processes that reduce filtration area, time and steps.

To help customers optimize clarification, Repligen has developed High Productivity Harvest, an alternative application using XCell ATF® technology that can provide more efficient clarification of high-density cultures, intensify harvest and displace depth filtration while keeping core operations in Fed Batch mode.

N-1 Perfusion

Simplify and intensify cell culture while staying in Fed Batch mode.

Using award-winning alternating tangential flow (ATF) technology, XCell ATF® cell retention devices deliver high cell concentration and process intensification during cell culture. Used with the N-1 bioreactor, it achieves exceptional high cell density in the seed train step, seeding the N production bioreactor at a higher starting cell density and shortening the production bioreactor run time.

High Productivity Harvest

High Productivity Harvest uses an XCell ATF® cell retention device after peak density is achieved in a typical Fed-Batch process. Fresh media is added in a set flow rate while the harvesting of the product is initiated. This results in significant productivity and process gains.