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Technology-ready Solutions for Gene Therapy

Repligen is ready to partner with gene therapy developers and manufacturers, providing technology breakthroughs and high impact solutions for plasmid and viral vector manufacturing.

Repligen is a technology and market leader in gene therapy applications

Strong market penetration with ~20% share in Gene Therapy accounts and ~150 customers

Significant technology adoption with ~50 customers at $100K and 8 customers at $1M in annual sales

Broad customer base including pre-clinical to Phase III candidates, CDMOs, therapy developers, academic/hospitals

Adoption in diverse technology platforms including plasmids, AAV, Lentivirus, mRNA, CRISPR, CAR-T

Offering workflow solutions uniquely fit for gene therapy

Novel solutions for upstream process intensification, downstream processing for plasmids, viral and non-viral vectors

Closed system bioprocessing – single-use, Gamma-irradiated, fully integrated flow paths

Scalable platforms supporting benchtop process development to production scale manufacturing

Dedication to Quality – ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing

technology-ready solutions for gene therapy 

Needs and challenges:

  • Automated operations, standardized hardware platforms
  • Single-use technologies to ensure closed system bioprocessing and eliminate cross-contamination risk
  • Process modernization/optimization to increase product yield, product quality
  • Robust analytical tools to normalize inherent assay variability


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Lentiviral vector manufacturing process enchancement utilizing TFDF™ technology
by Thomas Williams, Oliver Goodyear, Lee Davies, Carol Knevelman, Michael Bransby, Kyriacos Mitrophanous and James Miskin
Cell and Gene Therapy Insights, April 2020