As a leader in Protein A manufacturing, pre-packed chromatography and cell retention technologies, Repligen is helping to set new standards in bioprocessing.


ATF System

Simplify and intensify upstream bioprocessing.
The XCell™ ATF System, a cell retention device available in single-use or stainless steel format attached to a bioreactor, delivers high cell density and process intensification.

XCell™ ATF System

Recombinant and animal-free, Repligen cell culture supplements provide the benefits of serum-derived supplementation while maintaining an animal-free process.

Cell Culture Supplements


Leader of the Pack.
With the broadest range from bench-scale to production-scale, OPUS® columns are ready-to-use pre-packed alternatives to self-packed columns.

OPUS® Pre-packed Columns

tangenx cassettes

Reliable, scalable, and cost-effective, TangenX™ solutions enable efficient concentration and diafiltration. 

Tangenx™ TFF Cassettes

Protein A Ligands

Protein A resins from the leading manufacturer of rProtein A ligands.
Protein A affinity resins from Repligen help you optimize process economics while maintaining industry-standard performance.

Protein A affinity Resins

Protein A Affinity Resins

Leader in Protein A ligand manufacturing since 1985.
Most of the world's commercial monoclonal antibodies are purified using native and recombinant Protein A ligands manufactured by Repligen.

Protein A Ligands


ELISA Kits deliver fast, reliable, and reproducible quantitation of leached Protein A, MabSelect SuRe™ ligand and LONG®R3 IGF-I.


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