KrosFlo® TFF Systems

Turnkey systems for tangential flow filtration (TFF), KrosFlo® Systems are compatible with single-use hollow fiber filters and/or flat sheet cassettes, modernizing how UF/DF is performed at every stage from process development to large-scale manufacturing.

KrosFlo® RS TFF Systems


Ideal for mRNA and gene therapy solutions, KrosFlo® RS TFF Systems are engineered for maximum recovery. The combination of injection molded tubing, over-molded connections, and valve blocks significantly lowers hold-up volume.

KrosFlo® FS TFF Systems

Fully automate flat sheet TFF processes up to 500 L with configurable hardware components that deliver an unparalleled combination of automation, configurability, simplicity and compliance.

KrosFlo® KR2i TFF System

A turnkey benchtop system for 2 ml - 15 L lab-scale process development, the KrosFlo® KR2i TFF System with peristaltic pump is fully integrated and easy to use with walkaway automation.

KrosFlo® KMPi TFF System

Fully automate 100 ml - 500 L UF/DF processes using an unparalleled combination of hardware integration with peristaltic pump, configurability and automation through modular, plug-and-play hardware.

KrosFlo® KTF TFF Systems

Uniquely combining simplicity and configurability, Repligen KrosFlo® KTF Systems perform hollow fiber TFF to support multiple scales, unit operations, and solutions.

KF Comm 2 Software

Proprietary, menu-driven software is optimized for use with KrosFlo® KR2i, KrosFlo® KMPi and KrosFlo® FS Tangential Flow Filtration Systems.

KrosFlo® KR2i RPM™ System

TFF with In-Line Protein Concentration Management

Monitor concentration in real time during your UF/DF run. Featuring in-line protein concentration management, control your process with the power of the KrosFlo® KR2i TFF System and insights from the integrated CTech™ FlowVPX® System.

Fluid Management

Repligen offers innovative, designed-for-purpose storage and transfer solutions for fluid management within and between unit operations. These include flow paths, tubing, valves and gaskets, bottles and containers, totes, carts and cleanroom process equipment.

Process Analytics

Slope Spectroscopy® at-line and in-line protein concentration monitoring systems, and ligand-specific ELISA Kits, ensure that products meet required Process Analytical Technology (PAT) specifications.