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Fluid Management | Single-use Valves

Single-use valves add ease and disposability to traditional valve formats. Configurable and modular, they are designed as sanitary drop-in replacements to standard diaphragm and arterial process valves.

single-use valves

Stainless steel valves require tedious and time-consuming CIP/SIP validation, resulting in costly downtime during product change-over, and higher facilities costs. Repligen single-use valves are designed for designed for optimum flow control in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, with easy maintenance, simple installation, and compact and durable designs.

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The single-use Diaphragm Replacement Valves (DRVs) are direct drop-in replacements for existing stainless steel diaphragm valves, enabling the customer to switch over easily and adopt single-use processing practices. 


Diaphragm Replacement Valve

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Diaphragm Replacement Valve

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Diaphragm Replacement Valve
single-use Liner
High performance

Precision flow control, low hold-up volumes, no dead legs

No cross contamination risk

Proprietary hemispherical plunger geometry
easy to use

Single-use, no cleaning, sterilization and validation steps, reduced down time

Drop in sanitary replacements for stainless steel valves

Visual state indicator

No changes in heat sterilization method


Broad range: 1/2" to 1-1/2" clamp size, 0.37" to 1.37" ID

Modular flexibility

Compatible with molded silicone liners

Suits pressurized and unpressurized applications

Single-use Pinch Valves (PV) are non-product contact valves matched to use on existing tubing to provide flow control and automation. These valves have a non-rotating hemispherical plunger design that allows for very fine fluid control. 

Pneumatic Pinch Valve

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Manual Pinch Valve

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Custom Single-use Valve Liners
high performance

Very fine fluid control, low hold-up volumes, no dead legs, consistent flow over cycle

High closure resistance and reliability, minimized tubing wear

Non-rotating hemispherical plunger design 

easy to use

Single-use, no cleaning, sterilization and validation steps, reduced down time

Rapid and easy tubing changes

Visual state indicator

Available with ON/OFF and modulating pneumatic actuation

Easily mounts to skids or fixtures


Tube and hose sizes from ¼” to 1" ID

Available with multiple brands of electronic feedback indicators

Small size

Eliminate unnecessary junctions

The Steam2® Valve delivers an engineered design for flexible and safe aseptic fluid transfer between two stainless steel flange ends at industrial scale. The valve is available with progressive manual actuation in a variety of stainless steel sanitary connection types.

steam2clean f.gif

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Custom Single-use
Valve Liners
High performance

Enables aseptic transfer of fluid from traditional to single use process wetted parts

Precise, unrestricted flow throughput

Eliminates cross contamination risk

Hygienic clamp on proprietary liner systems

Single-use, no cleaning, sterilization and validation steps

Simplifies material validation, sterilization validation


Available in 3/8", 1⁄2", 3⁄4", and 1" ID

Steam to and Steam thru designs and sizes

Progressive manual actuation in a variety of stainless steel sanitary connection types

Suits pressurized and unpressurized applications


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