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The world's leading manufacturer of affinity ligands now makes best-in-class affinity purification resins for IgGs, Fc fragments, COVID-19 vaccines (SARS-COV-2) and Adeno-associated viral vectors.


AVIPure® CH1 Affinity Resin is a high capacity, caustic stable resin for purification of antibody-derived therapeutics. 

AVIPure® CH1 Affinity Resin

Custom affinity resinS

Traditional custom affinity resin development methods start with one scaffold, explore limited ligand sequence space and struggle to deliver consistent results, ultimately requiring multiple iterations that extend the overall timeline. By starting with more than 50 multifarious scaffolds, Repligen generates unprecedented library diversity to achieve high binding capacity, selectable pH requirements and caustic stability on the first iteration at an unparalleled success rate.

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AAV affinity resins provide one-step purification of adeno-associated virus (AAV) 2,8 and 9 vectors with potential alkaline clean-in-place regeneration for improved process economics. A 50 µm cross-linked agarose matrix bead ensures compatibility with standard bioprocess columns and flowrates (3 bar at 300 cm/hour).

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NGL COVID-19 Spike Protein affinity resin

NGL COVID-19 Spike Protein Affinity Resin binds the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein receptor binding domain (RBD) to yield exceptional purity in a single chromatography step. The resin is available in off-the shelf, pre-packed and pre-qualified OPUS® Columns for rapid implementation as well as in loose resin formats.

NGL COVID-19 Spike Protein Affinity Resin

CaptivA® Protein A Affinity resin

CaptivA® Protein A Affinity Resin

The value choice in Protein A resins.

CaptivA® Protein A Affinity Resin is the first agarose-based resin that delivers excellent binding capacity, caustic stability and low leaching at a fraction of the cost of traditional resins.

CaptivA® Protein A Affinity Resin

Immobilized Protein A (IPA) Affinity Resins

CaptivA® Protein A Affinity Resin

Immobilized Protein A (IPA) resins from Repligen are well-characterized and have been accepted in the industry for many years.

IPA Affinity Resins