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TangenX® Flat Sheet Cassettes

First-to-market with single-use TFF flat sheet cassettes, TangenX® TFF technologies are reliable, scalable, and cost-effective solutions for efficient concentration and diafiltration.

How TFF works

TangenX® SIUS® Single-use TFF Cassettes

TangenX® SIUS® Cassettes are the first purpose-built single-use cassettes for tangential flow filtration (TFF). They deliver equivalent performance as reusable cassettes but with single-use convenience and at a fraction of the cost. 

  • 80% reduction in filter cost
  • 50% reduction in labor cost
  • 75% reduction in buffer cost
  • Scalable from lab to production
  • Interchangeable with TangenX® PRO Reusable TFF Cassettes

TangenX® SIUS® Single-use TFF Cassettes

TangenX® PRO Reusable TFF Cassettes


TangenX® PRO Reusable Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) Cassettes are flat sheet cassettes that may be cleaned and re-used multiple times while maintaining reproducible cassette performance. They are engineered with optimized channel geometry and enhanced device rigidity to ensure that hydraulic performance is maintained during processing and scale-up.

  • Equivalent performance, interchangeable with TangenX® SIUS® Single-use TFF Cassettes
  • Scalable from bench to production scale
  • Up to 30% filter cost reduction compared to other commercial reusable filters

TangenX® PRO Reusable TFF Cassettes

TangenX® SIUS® Gamma Cassettes

TangenX® SIUS® Gamma TFF Devices embody the performance and efficiency of TangenX® SIUS® Cassettes in a convenient, fully assembled, closed, and irradiated system. ​

Simply clamp your TangenX® SIUS® Gamma TFF Device into a holder, connect to a flow path, and go. It's that easy.​

Acclaimed performance with up to 30% flux increase over conventional membranes, connectivity freedom, and a library of configurations, converge into one, simple TFF solution. ​

Use TangenX® SIUS® Gamma TFF Devices for gene therapy applications, bioburden-sensitive operations, and hazardous processes.

TangenX® SIUS Gamma Cassettes

Flat Sheet Membranes

Repligen manufactures two flat sheet TFF membranes: ProStream™ and HyStream™. Both are modified Polyethersulfone (mPES) membranes validated for use in cGMP processes. Both ProStream and HyStream membranes are available in TangenX® SIUS® Single-use Cassettes and TangenX® PRO Reusable Cassettes.

  • No breakthrough of the ultrafiltration skin, which maximizes selectivity performance
  • Enhanced microporous substructure pore size and even transition, which maximize flux
  • Reduced number of manufacturing steps, which reduces cost and promotes excellent consistency and reliability

Flat sheet Membranes

TangenX® Hardware

Designed to optimize tangential flow filtration, TangenX® hardware include:

  • Cassette clamps
  • Cassette holders
  • Filter plate inserts
  • Low Holdup Volume (LHV) turnkey systems
  • Membrane screening systems

Tangenx® hardware